Gabriel's demiseMature

The angel looked as though he was about to put up a fight. It was pointless, really, and both of them knew it.

‘Gabriel...’ Jet said in a dangerous tone. The angel looked the demon in the eye defiantly. ‘You have five minutes to move your allies out of the city before we attack. I suggest you get to work,’ Gabriel left the room and Jet followed close behind. A few mental call outs later and Jet was satisfied. Jet dragged Gabriel into the main body of the cathedral, standing Gabriel in front of the altar. He called out mentally to the demons nearby ‘Allies! Come, lay waste to what was once the City of Gabriel!’ the angel groaned, defeated.

Without warning, the demon laid into Gabriel mercilessly, snapping the angel’s wings, stabbing at him with a short hunting knife. The angel screamed out in agony, trying to push the demon off, but his effort was futile. Jet grinned as he felt Gabriel’s pain and he grabbed the too perfect wings, pulling back fiercely until he heard the angelic flesh ripping. Gabriel sobbed and shouted and tried pathetically to get away from the demon, but he couldn’t, weak and feeble as he was. Spurred on by Gabriel’s tears, Jet yanked savagely, tearing the wings off completely. Jet picked up a metal cross nearby, bending and shaping it with his mind into a pointed weapon, almost like a small sword. He held it above the angel and brought it down sharply, sinking it into the angel’s leg.

Gabriel howled and begged for the demon to just kill him, but with a cruel smile and a simple shake of the head that Gabriel couldn’t see, Jet pulled the warped cross out of the angel’s leg, bringing it down to rip his white robes off. He drew patterns in the angel’s pale skin, the blood welling up and smearing across the cuts.

‘Beg harder, Gabriel, and maybe I will just kill you.’ Jet said the cold laughter in his voice evident, barely audible over the echoing screams. ‘Wonderful acoustics in here, aren’t there?’ He commented as he drew out more lazy red lines on the angel’s back.

‘No! Please, Jet!’ Gabriel shrieked. ‘Please just kill me! You have better things to do than this, please, please, please!’ Jet rolled the angel over so that he was laying on the fresh cuts, facing him.

‘You call that begging harder?’ Jet sneered.

‘Please just fucking do it!’ the angel roared.

‘Better.’ Jet nodded, taking the cross knife and sliding it into the angel’s stomach. Gabriel writhed, doing Jet’s work for him, opening a hole in his abdomen. Jet took a small hip flask from a pocket and unscrewed the cap. The tang of alcohol stung his nose and he sighed wistfully as he tipped its contents into the wound. Gabriel screamed wordlessly, the horrible sound reverberating off the cathedral walls. Jet lit a cigarette and took a long drag on it, waiting for Gabriel to stop screaming. When the noise had died away, Jet threw the cigarette into the mix of alcohol and blood and watched as it burned furiously, feeding silently on the dying agony of the angel.

The End

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