Oh my GodMature

Gabriel was sat in his brown leather chair, his back to the door as he stared at the fire, a glass of brandy in his hand. Next moment the door swung open and the priest fell through it. Dead. Jet stepped onto the priest, then off him again walking toward Gabriel. "Ahh... Gabriel. The messenger of God." Jet mocked a half bow.

"I... I recognise that voice." His voice wavered. "Jet." He swallowed all the liquid in his glass then slammed it down on the table so hard the stem of the glass broke. "What...What are you doing here?" Gabriel asked accusingly. Jet simply smiled. "I'm here to claim your throne." Gabriel's hands shook. Jet stepped forward placing two hands on the brown chair.

"My...My throne?"
"Yes. New York, the demons have been waiting a long time to advance. Now with you so weak..."
"What happened to Lilly?" Gabriel interrupted.
"That was rude." He looked down at Gabriel. Placing a hand upon his head, tugging at the angel's golden locks.
"What of Lilly?" Gabriel persisted.
"The assassin? Why don't you look in your prayer room?" He laughed. Gabriel stood, then turned, he could not fight this demon, but he knew Jet would not let him leave... alive.

The End

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