Show me, or be damned.Mature

‘Found you Gabriel,’ Jet laughed to himself, walking over to the priest at the candles. He was praying frantically, begging God to let him live.

‘I’ll let you live,’ Jet started, standing over the kneeling man, ‘if you tell me exactly where in this building Gabriel is!’ Jet put his hands on the priest’s head roughly, transferring an image of the angel. The priest shakes in Jet’s grip and Jet, irritated, kicks the man in the stomach, letting go as the man fell to the floor, cracking his head on the cold stone floor. The priest pushed himself into a sitting position on the floor.

‘I don’t know where he is!’ the priest stuttered, his fear rolling off him, inadvertently feeding the demon. Jet knocked over the frail rack of candles, the molten wax splattering the man on the floor, the flames burning little black circles into the stone. The man shrieked as the hot wax seared his exposed skin. He hastily picked it off, scorching his finger tips as he did so. Jet shifted, his feet shuffling closer to the blubbering man.

The priest’s eyes were fixed on the floor, the cooling white wax that had carelessly spread across the stone. He saw the feet move and he saw the walls blur as he was knocked sideways, the ceiling coming into focus slowly as he blinked. As he stared upwards, trying to break through to the unresponsive God he had for so long believed in, the demon moved so that his face overtook most of the ceiling in the priest’s field of vision.

‘Where. Is. He?’ Jet spat out the words with such force that the priest trembled. Sighing, Jet grabbed the priest’s clothes, hauling him to his feet, pushing the man along to the end of the cathedral to the altar. Jet forced the man to his knees, pulling his hands into a prayer position.

‘Pray, Father! Let’s see your god heed your prayers now!’ the demon taunted, laughing. The man intertwined his fingers and bowed his head forward. He muttered under his breath, asking desperately to be saved from this abomination, but nothing happened, the demon was right, his God was not listening. Tears escaped his eyes as the demon forced him to stand again. ‘Now tell me where this fucking angel is, or I will personally ensure you never die. You can spend the rest of eternity with me. Doesn’t that sound great?’ Jet grinned. The man shook his head, half pleading, half sobbing. ‘No? Well then I guess you’ll just have to show me where the angel is.’ Jet said in a patronizing way, pushing the priest over to a door nearby, Jet’s strong bold footsteps echoing contrastingly with the shuffling shamble of reluctant reverberations from the priest’s feet.


The End

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