Clash of InterestsMature

Lilly pushed open the stone doors, a rush of wind entering from behind her. She aimed her gun at Jet. "Heathen! You deserve not to stand in the place of god!" People immediately ran out of the doors leaving them alone including the priests.

The church was built with giant pillars running down both sides, pews in the middle. Blue stained glass ran along the side of the walls, filtering the blue light upon the cold stone floor. She tried again, pointing the gun at the back of Jet's head, her hand shivering in fear. She tried to steady it, knowing he would smell her fear. "Stand Demon!" She shouted, but it sounded more like a whine. Her voice echoed through the stone hall. She knew her client was here, in the room below.

Jet smiled an evil laugh escaping through his fangs. "You, a measly half-blood?" He laughed again menace tipping his voice. He shifted into the shadows and slipped behind her. A look of shock was on her face as Jet placed his hands on her head. "Nice try." He whispered the sweet nothing into her ear as he pulled her head to the side making her neck crack sickeningly. He kicked her in the middle of the back, making her body fly to the floor, her head splitting open on one of the pews. 

He stepped over her cold body. Lilly was laid contorted upon the ground, her gun pressed to her stomach.Her facial expression was still in shock, but no one could see as she lay face-down. Her silver hair spilled over the floor becoming sticky with her blood. Jet stepped with a smile on his face. He had read her thoughts. "Found you Gabriel." He laughed manically with a smirk upon his lips.

The End

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