Silent KillerMature

The night was cold, thin wispy clouds covered the half moon floating in the sky. The moonlight shone down on the snowy streets, making them glow a pearly white. A woman sat crouched upon a roof like a gargoyle upon a church top.

She perched herself upon the rooftops looking down upon the snow covered streets and the dark black demon that prowled them. "My turf." She growled, jumping to the next rooftop. Her silver hair glided behind her like string. In her hand she held a silver lined sniper rifle. Steadying on the rooftop she aimed, she used her own eyesight as a cross-hair and shot, shooting the demon in the head, she knew it wouldn't kill him but it would be hard for him to re-make his glamour.

Her name was Lillium, or Lilly for short. She worked for the highest bidder, right now it was the Angels, as much as she loathed them she wanted to fight for her own side in this battle.

She dropped her hand to her side and moved away from the rooftop edge, her dark black coat flew back in the wind. A foul smell lilted on the air. "Oh Shit." She thought as his scent hit her nose. "I just had to be sent after Jet."  She growled, rolling her eyes she got ready to transform if need be. But this was Jet, she couldn't escape. She was like a bird stuck in a cage.

The End

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