Paving the way.Mature

He had been seen. He cursed and tried to hide his presence better, but there was no real point. All he could do now was mask just how much power he had, so he would be pitted against the weaker angels first. He would certainly get further that way. He crept through the streets, doing his best to blend in with the humans there. He had to find that angel. He didn’t know names, just faces, and locations.

The snow hid him easily, cascading down like a box of polystyrene shapes tipped upside down. He remembered the image he had seen before setting off. This is who you’re out to kill, Jet. Kill anyone that tries to stop you, and pave the way for the rest of us. With him gone, this will be as easy as killing a pig in the slaughter house! He pictured the angel in his mind as he ran. Blond, curly hair, blue eyes, tall, pale, the image of human ideals. That was the angel he was after. He was not under the illusion that it would be easy.

Smiling grimly, Jet confidently pushed on through the city.

The End

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