Do or Die

Chapter 2

Some of the men followed me out. I kept walking faster and faster. I don't want to fight. I don't want more blood on my hands.

I was just outside of Shudders town when I felt someone grab my arm. In a flash I had my sword drawn, and at the throat of the stranger.

Move and you die.” I said, not really meaning it.

Oh feisty are we.” The drunken man replied. He was young and scruff. Must be a regular at the Inn in town.

What do you want?”

What any man would want with a women like you.” He winked. I pushed him down. He landed with a thud. I turned and began to walk away.

Where do you think you're going you slut?” He shouted. I knew he was behind me once again. I turned a second time.

Get away from. I'm warning you.”

Not scared a tiny thing like you.” he said grabbing me. I shoved him, drawing my sword once again. He drew his. He charged at me, producing a crazy battle cry.


Our swords met again and again with brutality; the force almost knocking me off my feet. Our swords shined in the moonlight as they came together. I arched my back, dodging his blade. I kicked him back. He stumbled. A threw another kick sending him flying to the ground. He responded by grabbing my legs, pulling me under. I dropped my sword. He got on top of me, weapon in hand. He held me a knife point. I grabbed his blade, pushing his strength back. Blood dribbled down my hand as we struggled. I pulled my knees up and thrusted forward, knocking him off me. I grabbed my sword from the ground. He came at me again. He swung at me, our blades missed. He struck my shoulder, slicing it open. I gasped in pain and dropped my sword.

He grabbed the collar of my shirt with his left hand and pulled me into his blade with is right. I cried out in pain as the point of the sword penetrated my mid torso. It went through my body, tearing deep into it. He pulled out and threw me on the ground. He then stood above me.

you should've accepted my advance” he snarled. He turned and began to walk away.

As I laid there in a pool of my own blood, I felt the life drain from me. The pain rippled through my body as I cried. I attempted to sit up but only to roll onto to my side in shear pain. I began to pray.

Aldalos save me. In these final moments of my life, forgive me. Forgive me for all those men I killed at Hales. I didn't want to die. I don't want to die now. Why would you let me live through Hales for me to die now on this road? Make me understand almighty, for I do not. I don't want to go this way.”

As I laid there in dead of the night, I heard foot steps approaching.

Jeremiah! Come quick!”

What is it Joesph?” I heard someone run over.

She still breathing?”

Two men towered over me. All I could see was thier shadows.

She is. Ma'am can you hear me?”

Yes”. I gasped.

Lets take her back to camp.”

One of them bent down, picking mp in one swift motion. I cried out in agony.

She's losing a lot of blood. Hurry”. They began to run.

It's going to be okay hun, just stay with me. Whats your name?


Where are you from?”


I never traveled there. Is it nice?”

It was beautiful until those Impess bastards came and slaughtered everyone I knew.”

We're here”. He ran into a tent, placing me gently onto a bed of silk pillows and blankets.

Apply pressure. I'll go get a needle”.

I could see them better now. The one who carried me was middle aged. He had no hair, only a red beard. He was husky and built and stood very tall. The other man sat beside me. He looked to be an adolescent. He was lanky; his eyes blue as the sky. His black hair fell in his face.

My torso was throbbing.

The bald one handed me a bottle.

Your going to want to drink this. I'm going to stitch you up.” I gladly took his offer, taking a large swing.

My vision began to blur and I knew was going out.

I've stopped the bleeding, We're almost done. Hang in there”.

Everything went black.

The End

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