Furthermore, we only had 30 days.

In 30 days, the wormhole generated by our passage through the black hole would close, and there would be no way back to Earth, at least not one that wouldn't take hundreds of years.

How do I know this? I'm an astrophysicist with four separate Ph.D.'s. I'm the one who invented the Butterflies that have caused the whole mess back on Earth.

Okay, so it was human nature that caused the mess. But it's the Butterflies that are giving them the tools to wipe each other out.

You know the old saw about how, if a butterfly beats its wings on one side of the planet, it'll generate a hurricane on the other hemisphere? That basically sums up chaos theory.

I figured out how to create machine minds that could calculate exactly what factors would cause what results, how to use the butterfly effect to humanity's advantage.

Economics was revolutionized overnight. Weather control stations were built all over the world. And that's the problem. The Butterfly machine minds can calculate how to generate any weather or economic status; but it's up to human overseers to tell it which scenarios to calculate so they can put it into action.

Remember that old saw again: if a butterfly flaps its wings, a hurricane is created on the other side of the earth. The OTHER side. The thing about the butterfly effect is that it can only affect things a suitable distance in space or time.

In other words, mutual cooperation was necessary to make the earth a paradise with the Butterflies. Russian Butterflies controlled the weather in America, and vice versa. South America's economy was controlled by Japan's Butterflies.

So once a country got a grudge against another country, they told their Butterflies to sabotage its economy or weather. You can see how it would all go downhill from there.

And it's all my fault.

Now that we're on Jenga... should we try to recruit the natives? Or should we just forget about the whole blasted earth and make a new life here?

The End

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