War of 2100

Falling into a deep black hole was not exactly what we had planned. Nope. Definitely not. Our journey changed as the space-time continuum altered. Everything did. Not that I knew about that crap. I was asleep the whole time, a shock to most of my friends. Some of us had been separated. Some of us stayed together like glue. And we couldn't lose anyone else. We landed on the planet Jenga, like the game you play on a rainy day when you have nothing to do.

"Ok," I sighed, touching the strange flowers sprouting from the ground.

"Aliens?" asked Marcia, searching the foreign ground we landed on.

Extremely foreign ground I should say. Coming from Earth has prepared us to live on this planet. Pure oxygen. Pure air. Pure... everything. Thank goodness for humans, right? But we were not sure if there was actual life on this planet? Besides the strange and colorful plants, there was no motion. Nothing had been detected.

"Excuse me?" Jay asked, plucking a fruit off a tree.

"Yes?" Marcia inquired.

"Can we eat this?"

He was about to place the fruit in his mouth when Ariel whipped out her manual. She searched for the planet Jenga, went under the "Foods" category.

"That is a poisonous waterberry. You're eyes would've been sucked out of your head, you would've lost your breath, you would've swelled up, and died... right there."

He quickly dropped the fruit, fainting on the spot. I giggled, stripping down into my pants and t-shirt. I prayed that I oculd breathe without the specialized suit.

"So... when are we going back to Earth?" Marcia whispered.

She was nervous. I could tell.

"I don't know. With the war going on, we're lucky to be here."

The War of 2100. The countries were all against each other. It was like World War X. We learned about other world wars that occurred in the past, but this, by far, was the worst. Every single country was against each other. We had to escape. It was our only hope to save Earth from the apocolypse.

The End

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