The Journey.

I was on a bus with about 20 other men. All I wanted to do was cry, for I had left my family behind, and the fact that I might not get the chance to meet my third child. But I wouldn't let the tears fall from my eyes, because there were about 20 other men yelling and turning ferral. My mother once told me that real men aren't afraid of shedding tears, don't get me wrong, I love my mother dearly, but I wasn't going to break down infront of 20 men. That was final.

We had to line up outside of the bus, we were each handed a pile of clothes, they were all different shades of khaki. We were told to go and get changed. Once we had returned were handed our weapons. A gun with some extra bullets, three hand grenades and a set of knifes.

All of a sudden we couldn't hear anything because there was one loud noise coming from the sky. One of the other men signalled for me to follow him. So without having time to think I ran after him. Lucky I did because about a minute after i left spot where I was standing, it quickly turned into  a large explosion.

The End

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