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12 . 03. 1875

To My Dear Wife, Marie,

I though the war was nearly over, but it's only the beginning. I can not wait to be home to my children and you. I promise I will return home soon. I thank the lord that you are safe for I am not. I want you to know that no matter what happens, even if the Japanese take over, I will always love you, Give the children my love, and let them know that Daddy will be home soon.

With Love,


A trear fell from my eyes as i signed it. I fell back into my chair and started to imagine my life, if i hadn't gone to fight this war. All i wanted was peace for my country so that my family would be safe.

The thought of my family was always blocked by the thought of them being killed by the Japs. Also, I couldn't forget the day I signed up for this war...

I was 21, I had just gotten married and my wife was pregnant with our third child. A man had knocked on our door as if he needed shelter, before we could open the door properly, he welcomed him self into our home and said

"Look son, as you have probably heard, there is a war...We need more troups. we would like for you to come and help us fight for our country..."

"Do I really have a choice? Be honest now.." I replied anxiously.

"Son, I am as Christian as the next person, I won't lie... You don't really have a choice, we are heading out in 2 hours. I suggest you get packing and say farewell to your family." he demanded, then saluted, and left.

The End

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