Chapter 3: Human Monsters

Sir Ralph gave a quick bow and slammed the door behind him as he stomped into the middle of the room. “Your Majesty, I am very sorry for the interruption but I have urgent news to report.”

“Go on” the King said confusion on his face as well.

Alexander folded his arms over his chest waiting for the news to come.

Sir Ralph took a deep breath and stared start into Alexander’s eyes as he talked, “There’s another one, just like you. She was running around in the woods when a guard caught her doing one of their circles around the perimeter of the castle. She won’t talk or anything but she managed to do something…I don’t know what to call it to one of the guards. She’s in the prisoner cells right now.”

Alexander shot out of his seat so fast it was like a blur. “Are you sure?”

Alexander was surprised to see that his voice sounded calmer than it should be. Why did he feel so strange? Maybe it was because he was empty of feelings all this time. So why was his feeling of emotions coming back again? He shut down his heart, threw out unnecessary thoughts, and gained self-control.

Sir Ralph glanced at him twice and then nodded.

“Take me to her.” Alexander said flatly and back to his regular self.

Sir Ralph looked at the King for approval and when the King nodded, giving his consent, Sir Ralph turned on his heel and opened the door. Alexander followed quickly after him, glad to get away from his father. He didn’t get along with his father at all, not even from birth. Alexander always felt like when he was around his father, there was a thousand tons on top of him and it was difficult to breath. The awkwardness between them wasn’t letting up at all.

Alexander threw out all thoughts of his father when they reached the prisoner cell. It was just a room with one closed door and a private bathroom. We didn’t want to be cleaning up dirty messes or accidents. So we installed a private bathroom, a small bed, and that was it. There was a chair and a steel desk for interrogating the prisoner.

Sir Ralph unlocked the door and they stepped inside, closing and locking the door behind themselves. Alexander didn’t even glance at the prisoner he knew was sitting on the bed. He could feel her eyes on him like lasers. He went straight over to the table and took a seat at the seat facing the bed. Only then did he take his glaze up to her face.

The girl wasn’t what he had imagined, not at all. She wasn’t dirty or wore dirty clothes. She didn’t look homeless or smell bad. She looked pretty but that didn’t explain why she was even exploring the perimeter of the castle. No, it didn’t explain anything at all. But the appearance of a prisoner is something to know as important facts, so instead of ignoring her appearance he soaked as much of it as he could inside of his memory.

Her cold, ocean, blue eyes stared him right back into his own green eyes. He broke eye contact to continue looking her over. What he saw on her was sharp features, high cheekbones, long, bright, white snow hair, light-skin, and about Richard’s size in height. She wore the middle class outfit which was a long sleeve black shirt with long brown trousers. She had on no shoes so her feet were bare. She stared at him as she clenched and unclenched her hands in her lap, she was nervous.

When Alexander was done, physically, he talked. “Do you know who I am?”

“Yes, Your Royal Highness, the second to the heir, twin brother of Richard Kingly, Alexander Conrad.” The girl responded clearly.

“So that means you know who else lives in here.” Alexander stated as a fact rather than a question.

She nodded.

Alexander waited.

“His Majesty, King John.” She replied.

Alexander nodded and said, “If you know all of this information than why were you running around in His Majesty’s perimeter?”

The girl looked away from him and then back at him. She hesitated before she answered, “I was running away from His Grace the Duke of Northfront.”

Alexander raised an eyebrow at this. The girl had his attention now. The Kingdom was about to break down because there were certain parts of it that wanted the King dead with the whole royal family.  Other parts wanted to break away from the Kingdom and create their own. A small amount just wanted to stay and live peacefully. But the part that wanted the royal family dead and the ones who wanted to break from the Kingdom, they were starting to plan a war.

So what did this girl have anything to do with it?

“What is your name, girl?” Alexander asked.

“Winter Storm.” She replied quickly.

“His Grace the Duke of Northfront, is his name by any chance, Meguro Groom?” Alexander asked.

  Winter nodded.

“Why were you running from His Grace?”

“I was one of his servants and when he found out about what I could do…He tried to force himself on me and put me into his Army to kill the royal family.” The girl said not looking Alexander in the eye.

“Who else has he joined with to complete these plans? I know he couldn’t be doing this alone, there are a lot of people in the Kingdom who want the royal family dead.” Alexander stated coldly.

The girl nodded and continued to stare at her hands as she responded. “He has an alliance with the Duke of Steelville, the Duke of Stamford, the Duke of Flowstone, and the Duke of Garmin.”

Alexander slammed his fist down on the table making the girl flinch and look up at him startled. “That’s half of this Kingdom! You’re telling me, he has an alliance with all these sections?”

Winter nodded and spoke shakily, “Yes but he is the leader of it all, His Grace the Duke of Northfront.”

Alexander pressed his cold hands to his forehead and let out a long and dreadful sign. This Kingdom was going to fall apart with this war waving itself into their homes.

Alexander was reminded of his purpose of being in here. “What can you do? I know you have certain abilities but what is it?”

The girl fidgeted but Alexander waited patiently.

The girl took a shakily breath and the spoke, “I don’t know what to call it but I can make people forget things.”

“Memory delete would be a good name for it.” Alexander said rising out of his seat and walking towards the girl. “I didn’t think it was another one of us out there but I guess I was proven wrong.”

“You’re a human monster as well?” the girl asked wide eyed.

Alexander winced at being called a monster but nodded.

There was a time, thousands of years ago, when monsters use to control the world. There were human monsters which looked like humans but were more beautiful, attractive, and smart. These human monsters had certain powers since birth and learned to control and harness these powers for their own selfish reasons. There were animal monsters that would kill off regular humans or the harmless ones that couldn’t do anything. There weren’t any more animal monsters around in this time period. But there were still human monsters around because human monsters lived for a long time.

Alexander had a human monster mother that birthed him with the King but his mother had killed herself when he was only ten years of age. A human monster could never be identified because they looked just like humans but there was something off about them. Their vibe, their strange attraction, and powers. Alexander could clearly see that this human monster, Winter Storm was a monster from her hair color. She though wouldn’t know that he was a human monsters because he looked perfectly like a human but more handsome.

The girl stared at him before she nodded.

Alexander didn’t plan on telling the girl that he had the power to take control of minds, persuade them to do anything he wanted, and to telepath with the mind. He could tamper with people’s darkest secrets if he wanted to. The only ones who knew of his strange power was his twin brother, Richard and his father.

Alexander turned his back on the girl and moved towards the door were Sir Ralph stood, dazed at the information he had just heard. Before Alexander could open the door he heard the girl ask, “Am I stuck in here forever?”

“That’s for His Majesty to decide. I don’t care what happens to you.” Alexander stated dryly. He walked out the door with Sir Ralph at his heel.

“Do you know what this means, Prince Alexander?” Sir Ralph said as they headed back to the King’s Office to report the news.

“I know perfectly what it means; this Kingdom is now at the stage of war. We’re all doomed. If that girl was with Duke Meguro than the others must have human monsters as well.” Alexander replied flatly.

“Do you not care what happens to this Kingdom?” Sir Ralph asked with narrowed eyes.

“I don’t give a flying fart about this Kingdom and its problems. I only wish for freedom and to get away from it all.” Alexander said plainly.

Sir Ralph shook his head and said, “There is no escape and if it was, where would you go?”

“Outside the wall.” Alexander said.

“That’s not even possible! No human or human monster has been able to escape the wall that surrounds this whole Kingdom. There is nothing on the other side.”

“I’ll find out.” Alexander said.

Sir Ralph shook his head again in disbelief. “You’re a foolish child.”

Alexander didn’t respond, no need to waste his breath.

There was a stone wall that extends as high as the eyes can see. It surrounded the whole Kingdom’s perimeter. The only thing strange about it was the fact that if anybody got to close to it, they would eventually go crazy with despair, sadness, and loneness because the wall made you feel terrible emotions that drive you to your death. 

The End

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