Chapter 2: Bad News

Sir Ralph knocked on the King’s door and Alexander heard his father’s strong voice, “Come in.”

Sir Ralph opened the door and walked inside. Alexander followed behind him, closing the door. Alexander let his eyes daft around the room though he had seen it a millions times. It was the plainness of the room that made it look beautiful and expensive. The room held a stiff atmosphere. There was a bookcase filled with thousands of books varying from color and shape. The carpet was a dark red and there was a window behind his father.

Alexander allowed his eyes to move to his Father’s face, something he hardly did at all. His Father’s sharp blue eyes were watching him closely. His dark black eyebrows were pulled together and his long black hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail. He looked young for his age which was good. His high cheekbones and sharp features made him look like scary thief. But it also made him look like a King. Alexander couldn’t help but to feel angry at his Father. His Father was too perfect which made him want his sons to be perfect. His Father didn’t care about nothing but the Kingdom which was understandable but you have to spend sometime of time with your children.

It wasn’t something that you could wish for and it’ll come true. No, Alexander knew it would never happen, that was why he stood with a harden expression. No emotions showed on his face and he casted his eyes downward, sick of staring at his Father.

Sir Ralph bowed to the King in the respectful manner and Alexander mirrored it, for his Father was still the King.

“I found him in the woods with his horse.” Sir Ralph said, summing it all up.

Alexander made a point of staring at the brown, rich desk that his Father was sitting at and the large piles of documents lying on top. He could see his father nod at Sir Ralph out the corner of his eyes.

“You may go, Ralph. I’ll deal with him.” the King said.

Sir Ralph nodded, bowed respectfully, and left out closing the door softly after himself. Alexander blew out a long and annoyed sign.

Who cares if he heard it? Alexander certainly didn’t. His Father put down the black ink pen he was holding and pointed at the only chair in the room.

Alexander did as he asked, even though he felt like a servant to his own father, he went over to the red chair and sat in its cushions. Alexander began to find his dirty hands more interesting than anything around him.

“Look at me” the King spoke sternly.

Alexander titled his head up and stared into his father’s eyes. He left his face emotionless and he could already feel his eyes dulling staring into his father’s.

“This is the tenth time you’ve done this, Alexander. What do you think you’ll gain from leaving the castle?” the King stated out more like a statement then a question.

“Freedom” Alexander said dryly.

“You have freedom here.” The King said, confusion written in his expression and voice.

“Yeah, right. What freedom do I have here? You want me to be perfect in everything, history, riding a horse, swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, education, and business wise. If you wanted somebody perfect in all those listed, than why you shouldn’t you ask His Royal Highness, the heir to the throne, Richard Kingly? He’s perfect! I’m just a trouble-maker, obviously.” Alexander snapped.

His father pushed his fingers into his temples, a pounding headache going through his head. Talking to Alexander was more difficult than talking to a crazy prisoner.

“I want you to be prepared to become the King if something was ever to happen to your twin brother.” The King stated out matter-of-factly.

“I don’t even want to be the King, anyways.” Alexander said letting his angry come out into his voice.

“Alexander…” the King’s voice trailed off as he got stuck and at a loss for words. He quickly found his thoughts and composed it into complete sentences, “Look, Alexander. You care about this Kingdom; I know that as a fact. So if you care, you’ll do everything in your power to help it and keep it alive.”

“I’ll do anything, except be the King. Your fact is incorrect; I don’t care about this Kingdom. It can fall apart for all I care.” Alexander said absently. His father ignored his last few sentences and only answered to the first.

“Anything?” the King raised an eyebrow, a playful smirk on his face.

Alexander hesitated now. What could his father be thinking? What awful plans has he got in store for him now? What was he going to do? Before Alexander could get the words out of his open mouth, the door banged open loudly. Alexander and his Father both turned towards the door, without flinching. It’s something you’ll get used to after so many doors being smacked open loudly all day. 

It was Sir Ralph again, what could he want?

Alexander realized what face expression the Knight had on. There was shock, confusion, and fear playing on his face all at once. Alexander narrowed his eyes, prepared for the worst of news. When the tough Knight Sir Ralph gets fear in his eyes it means something very serious and life risking was going on. But just what was it?

The End

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