Chapter 1: Failed Attempt

Alexander Conrad is an arrogant, cocky, rude, and heartless supernatural prince. Alexander doesn't believe in love and hates every girl he sees...That is until Winter Storm appears in his life. At first glance, these two are nothing alike and it shows as they battle with each other each and every day. As the Kingdom begins to wage war he is forced to help his country by exploring the world as a spy to get information for his parents and fight on the battle field. What happens when Alexander is

Alexander Conrad wasn’t going to let anything stop him, not today. He quickly threw the sheets off himself and yanked open his bedroom window. He had waited right until the break of dawn for he knew that no guards were set to go behind his bedroom yet. He had studied their patterns and rounds until he was sure that his time would be exactly right.

The cold air hit him hard in the face but his body adapted rapidly. He listened for any in coming footsteps or voices and heard none. He reached out and grabbed the large tree branch that expanded right to his window. He silently thanked god for having a large oak tree planted right outside his bedroom window. Wasn’t he lucky?

He pushed down on the branch making sure it could hold his weight. Then he climbed onto it and gracefully walked the length of the branch and, almost like a monkey, reached the ground in a quick amount of time. He brushed off the leaves and twigs that had escaped and attached themselves to his clothes. His eyes darted around making sure he was alone. The only sounds he could hear were the sounds of the anger cold wind and the tree’s rustling leaves.

He half-walked, half-ran, towards the stables. He slid into the open brown, wood, door and walked start over to his horse. His horse stared at him, perplexed that he was in here before it was time for his lessons. Alexander smirked at the horse and gently rubbed its black nose. The horse responded by muzzling its nose into his open palm. Alexander observed his horse, always amazed at how beautiful he was.

He had named the horse, Small Big. It was a weird name but it fitted the horse perfectly, at least, it did to Alexander. The horse, when Alexander had first got it, was small with a black nose, black mane, black hair, with white feet. Alexander had only been five when the horse was given to him as a birthday present and it was just his size. The horse though had grown very big in a short amount of time and Alexander had to wait five more years to be tall enough to ride it again. So he named it Small Big.

Alexander thought about this and then quickly threw the subject away. He had no time to be thinking of such things at a time like this. He titled his head and listened hard to any outside noises. Once he knew for certain that all was quiet he saddled his horse. Small Big stayed quiet and still like he knew what position Alexander was in.

Alexander pulled out a small carrot he had brought with him just for Small Big. The horse greedily ate on the carrot and Alexander guided it out of the stables and into the bright morning. The sun was beginning to come up as Alexander jumped on the horse’s back. He settled into the saddle until he was comfortable. He nudged Small Big forward and they took off into the close woods. Alexander’s face broke out into the rare smile that only a small amount of people have ever gotten the chance of seeing.

Alexander hadn’t smiled in more than six months and it felt nice for his muscles to stretch. His horse knew what to do for they would only get this freedom for so long. He nudged his horse to go even faster as he bended low in the saddle until his face was almost in his horse’s mane. His horse riding teacher had always praised him to be the best rider he’ll ever seen. So he knew he wouldn’t get hurt as his horse jumped over logs and branches. He bounced in his seat but never lost grip of the rims.

Leaves brushed his black trench coat’s arms and his horse went through the thick woods, careful of the tree’s barks. Alexander was glad. The wind whipped his black hair back from his forehead and his green vivid eyes sparkled with true happiness. He had been trapped inside the palace for more than eight months and it felt nice to be able to ride wherever he wanted without a worry in mind.

His horse was getting closer to a large opening and it suddenly slowed down to a complete stop. Alexander began to get a strange feeling in his stomach and he sat up straight in the saddle. Something didn’t feel right. He got off of his horse in a graceful manner and looked around. His smile died off his face and the happiness in his eyes was replaced with dullness and a large amount of seriousness. The trees loomed brightly around him as the sun shined its light down on them. The grass was bright green and the soil was dark and fresh. Bushes filled with berries and rabbits were around.

Nothing seemed out of place as Alexander looked around. The air was filling itself with warmth that wasn’t there a few minutes ago. How long had he been riding? He thought to himself. It must have been a long time because the sun was set high in the sky. He pulled gently on his horse’s rim and moved it so it was following him, side by side. The feeling in his stomach would not let up. He could easily find out what was going on but he didn’t want to use his powers. It wasn’t something he was fond of doing. He liked to trick people and to do that he couldn’t use his powers, at least not just yet.

He walked in the direction of where he thought he was getting the feeling from. He couldn’t tell exactly. He knew he was getting closer because the feeling was getting stronger. It got so strong that he was beginning to feel uncomfortable; the hair on the back of his neck was rising high, and he was resisting the urge to turn around. Then, it suddenly disappeared and Alexander heard horse feet echoing towards him.

A familiar deep voice ringed in his ears. “What do you think you were doing Alexander?!”

Alexander signed loudly. Everything he did deserved a consequence and he knew that, but that didn’t mean he had to like them. “I think I was trying to ride my horse.”

The owner of the voice appeared in front of him and Small Big.

Alexander found himself staring at his riding teacher, also a formal knight in the King’s Army, Sir Ralph Trowbridge. Sir Ralph narrowed his dark blue eyes at Alexander.

Alexander looked over his riding teacher quickly. Sir Ralph’s hair was messed up like he had just aroused from bed and had went looking for him before doing anything to his appearance. His clothes were wrinkled like he had only managed to pick up some off the ground and throw them on. He wore his normal clothes which consisted of his dark black long sleeves with heavy metal shields placed in front of him. Clothes of red expensive fabric covered it all and it had the fancy fire phoenix bird symbol on the back and front in black. His gold belt was around his waist with his double long length swords lying against his side. His black pants with sliver metal pads, over his inner thigh and knee, scratched against his horse’s hair, probably making the animal uncomfortable.

Did he think they were going to have a battle out here? Alexander looked into Sir Ralph’s eyes and patiently waited until his teacher calmed down and his face wasn’t red with angry.

“Do you know what would happen if His Majesty the King, found out that you left the palace unattended and without anyone’s consent?” Sir Ralph growled at him.

Alexander resisted the urge to roll his eyes. When was the last time he didn’t hear this one? “You would get into big trouble and you’ll be mad at me. I’ll be punished badly for my foolish mistakes and wrong doings. Blah, blah, blah…”

Sir Ralph’s big vein pounded visibly in his forehead. “I’m going to have to raise my pay check. Teaching you is like teaching a turtle to move faster.”

Alexander shrugged at this respond. If he replied he would only get himself into more trouble.

“Get on that horse. I’ll let His Majesty deal with you. I have no patience with this. When are you going to grow up? Your already at the age of one and six which is considered adulthood. Why are you such a child?”

“I’m not a child. If I was, I’ll be throwing a temper trample right now.” Alexander threw back.

“Your Royal Highness, please just get on the horse and follow me back home.” Sir Ralph said holding his fingers to his temples and closing his eyes tightly.

Alexander blew out a sign and got onto Small Big like he asked. As he followed the angry knight home he couldn’t help but to think that it wasn’t his fault that he wanted some freedom. He felt like he couldn’t do anything as long as he stayed inside the castle. He was shut off from the real world and had no friends except for many servants, teachers, and family members, but that only extended to such a length.

He watched as the large white palace came into view. Its paint new and the windows tinted black so no one could see inside. The bricks were visibly outlined and the large black front gate was shut tightly, guards on top of the wall that surrounded the palace, looking for suspicion characters. Sir Ralph was guiding him to the back secret entrance; it went start to the King’s Office, also known to be Alexander’s father, King John Conrad.

But first, Sir Ralph gave the horses to a servant to put back in the stables. The rest of the way they would have to walk. Alexander dragged his feet trying to stall as much time as possible so he wouldn’t have to face his stern father. It was no luck since Sir Ralph wanted to walk fast, he probably wanted to go back to sleep.

Before long they were standing in front of the King’s door to his office.

The End

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