Chapter 13Mature


I stared at myself in the mirror. What was I going to wear? What to do with my hair...and my makeup! I set to work, straightening my hair first, and then adding the powder to my face. When I had finally done my eyeliner and mascara, I sifted through my wardrobe.

I eventually picked out a gorgeous little black dress, and my leather jacket. Picking out my red heels and adding a red heart necklace to my outfit along with a red belt, I looked at the outcome. Brilliant. I added my lipstick, dabbed my lips, and then went out. Instead of my motorbike, I got my car, a red sports car, and slipped in. Then I headed for the club. When I got there, only a few people were there from the school. I let them in after checking the dj was there, and that the bar was open. When the party was in full swing I saw Danny come in. He looked really good.

I made my way through the crowd and tapped him on the shoulder as he stared around at the people and the lights.

The End

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