Chapter 12Mature


The rest of the week went swiftly. Virginia grabbed me on friday at lunch time.

"Hey, I'm having a party tomorrow. You want to come?"

"Yeah sure. Where do you live?"

"Oh, it's not at mine. Well most of it. The main party is at La Diza, the club I own."

"Woah, wait a minute, you own a club?"

"Yeah yeah everyone is shocked when they first find out. So only a few of us, that's me, you, Charlie, Shanie, David, Ellen, Carly, Pete, Taylor and Hayley, are coming back and sleeping at mine afterwards."

"Yeah, cool. I'd love to come."

"Cool. I'll see you at seven." I grinned.

Saturday was spent helping my mum in the garden. At six I went upstairs to get ready for the party. Shirt, jeans, trainers. Hair done. Check in the mirror. Looking good. I jumped in my car, pulling out and heading for the club.

The End

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