Chapter 11Mature


"That's us Charlie!" I laughed, throwing myself in to a chair again. "God I can't wait for the auditions now."

"Have you been in many shows?" Danny asked.

"Only every single one I could get in to! It's the same with Shanie here."

Shanie nodded. "Yep, we both started auditioning for shows in school and out as soon as we hit seven."

"What about you Danny?" I asked, "How many have you been in?"

"I've only been in my school shows. There weren't many oppertunities to perform anywhere in the town I used to live in."

"Well there are plenty of oppertunities here. There's an audition to be in Midsummer Nights Dream at the open air theatre in two weeks. Shanie and I are both going, trying to be the fairies."

"Why not Helena and Hermia?"

"Because they've got the proffesionals in on this one. There's no way we'd get the roles. And anyway, it doesn't matter. Meeting the proffessionals will give us a chance to get contacts and get in to the real world."

"Yeah, you should totally come Danny" said Shanie.

The End

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