Chapter 10Mature


"Man she's hot. Not that I would ever..."

"Yeah sure Charlie."

"What???" I grinned at him. We reached the 6th form room and collapsed in to chairs.

"Thank god we all have frees!" Shanie began fanning herself with her hand, "I'm worn out from dancing!"

"Already?" I laughed.

"Yeah! Isn't a girl allowed to be tired?"

"No." She threw a pillow at Virginia. "Thanks!" she said, putting it on her chair.

"Hey!! Give it back!"

"Don't want what you throw away!"

A small fight followed, ending with Shanie on the floor, giggling as Virginia tickled her.

"No more!!"

I helped Virginia up, while Charlie grabbed Shanie.

"You two are nuts!"

"That's us Charlie!"

The End

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