Chapter 9Mature


When class ended Miss Chick held me back.

"Virginia, I think you could get any part in this musical you want. So which did you want? Because I'm going to be talking to Mr Arvay about the parts after auditions next week, and I'm sure your audition will go well."

"Really? Thanks Miss Chick. I would love to be Velma, you know, get myself in to the more evil side instead of playing the innocent."

"Then you'll need a cracking audition. How about Velma's solo?"

"Yeah, that'd be wicked. I'll start on it right away. Thanks Miss Chick."

"No problem sweetie. I look forward to it." She smiled at me. Shanie, Danny and Charlie came over. "Are you three going for any lead roles?"

"I'm going for whichever lead female Vi isn't going for, because I stand no chance going for the same one. You were great out there!" said Shanie grinning and hugging me.

"Thanks. I'm going for Velma."

"Why not Roxie?"

"Velma's something different. And I get to really stretch my acting, and do all the dancing an dsinging as well."

"Well then I'm going for Roxie. We could do the hot honey rag."

"That would be so cool!"

"I think I'm going to go for Amus. I love to try and play a man like him, because normally I'm all about the heroes." said Danny.

"Cool" we said. I grinned at him.

"Who do you think I should go for Miss Chick? Am I too good looking for Billy Flynn?" Charlie seemed to be grinning at her confidently, but not for the first time did I recognise that love struck look. Miss Chick smiled slightly.

"I know your acting is up to standard Charlie. I think you'd make an excellent Billy. But can you sing his songs?"

"I can sing. But I might need a bit of help on the dancing Miss."

"Then I shall give you extra help."

"Thanks Miss." He clearly had a crush on her, and most people would be willing to bet that she shared the affection. Who wouldn't? Charlie was one of the most good looking boys in our year, probably in the whole school.

"Come on guys, lets go." I said, taking Shanie by the arm and letting Danny and Charlie walk behind us. " See you Miss Chick!"


The End

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