Chapter 8Mature


"Pop. Six. Squish. Uh oh.Cicero.Lipschitz!" I grinned, the dancers where fully prepared to fight against us for the lead roles. Then I watched the way Virginia was reacting to the music. She was playing Velma, and she was damn good at it. I watched her dance, and she was the only one I watched.  "They had it coming." She was definately the best singer, dancer and actress there. She had to get the part of Roxie. Or maybe she wanted Velma. She was definately throwing herself in to the part.

When the dance finished we all cheered and clapped. Virginia grinned at me. I gave her a thumbs up. The girls next to her giggled and Shanie nudged her grinning. She stepped on Shanie's foot deliberately, making me laugh. Miss Chick gathered the girls in to talk to them, while Mr Arvay tried to organize us in to small groups for some improvisation.

The End

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