Chapter 7Mature


As I changed Shanie poked me in the ribs.

"Oi! You like him don't you?"

"Who?" I tried to look innocent but I knew who she was talking about.

"Danny! Obviously!"

"I don't know what you mean."

"Sure you don't." chipped in one of the other girls. The rest of them laughed.

"Shut up you lot." I said grinning. We trailed out of the changing room and back in to the studio. Danny turned and grinned at me, making me blush and the girls giggle again. Miss Chick walked in, her red hair tied back as usual. One of these days we'd get her to take it down, and dress her up. She looked pretty now, so imagine what she'd look like if she let loose. If you saw her dancing, it was like she was part of the music. The theatre was her life. And all us dancers were determined get her hair down. Just once. Grinning at the thought I went to the front.

"This year Mr Arvay has decided that the school show will be Chicago, so there's a big chance that any of you dancers who can sing and act will be heading for a main part." She looked pointedly at me, and Shanie nudged me, grinning. "So today we are working on the cell block tango." We all cheered at this point. "I knew you'd like that." She grinned as she went to put the cd player on.

"Let me see the version we did last term. Can you remember it? Rose, Virginia, Shanie, Jess, Aimee and Lucy, get the chairs." Running out to find a chair and a space, we watched the actors backing away to the wall, watching intently, because this year they had competition for the lead roles. And I was very determind to be a part of that.

The End

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