Chapter 6Mature


Virginia's friend Shanie was slightly extravagant, but she made me laugh. As more of their friends arrived and I was introduced to Maddy, Katie, Stuart, Peter and Liam, I began to realise that this school might be the one I was looking for. I could work here. I could learn here. And more importantly, I could shine here. A bell rang, bringing me back to reality. Virginia was grinning at me.

"Come on day dreamer, time for class."

I followed her to a studio, where a small group of students sat, some stretching and others reading. She pointed me to the teacher and then ran off to get changed. Mr Arvay, that's his name, pointed out the drama students (they were the ones reading) and gave me a script for the first school show of the year.

"Auditions are next week Mr Woolf. I suggest you prepare." I grinned as I walked away. I could tell he was a very dramatic man. This would be fun. All the dance students (the ones who had been stretching) had disappeared to get changed, and as Mr Arvay began to take the register they began to trail back in. Virginia was at the front. She looked amazing, and she was giggling with a group of other girls. I grinned and she blushed, sending the rest of the girls in to fits again.

A woman with firey red hair walked in. She was fit, but obviously a few years older, making her a teacher. So she was obviously one of these teachers that could make the boys do whatever they want just by their looks.

"Dancers, to the front." she called.

"That's Miss Chick," whispered a boy next door to me. "Fit as. She's only twenty three. I swear when I leave school..." I grinned, his face was that of a love sick boy who was trying to hide it under cool. "I'm Charlie by the way." He stook his hand out. I shook it.


"Nice to meet you man."

The End

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