Chapter 5Mature


Danny sat grinning in the chair, and I smiled and joined him. He was easy to be around, I didn't feel awkward at all.

"Dance and Choreography, with creative writing on the side. What about you?"

"Drama and English."

"We should be seeing a lot of each other then. The creative arts and english faculties work closely here. And we're always putting on shows as well."

"Cool. So we have the same first lesson?"

"Yeah, it'll be an english one, because the english students get a lesson a week with us creative writers to compare skills and learn different styles of writing. It means we get critique and ways of improving while you get to practice your analysing skills." I realised I was babbling and stopped, blushing.

"No carry on. It sounds really cool."

"It will be."

Other people started coming in to the room.

"Vi!!!" Shanie, one of my friends, ran up to me. "Oh my god I have missed you like, so much! We have to do a piece together this year!"

"Hey Shanie, how was the hols?"

"Amazing!!" Shanie is highly exciteable and always happy. "Dave finally stopped stalking me so i could have a nice time with Leo, i think i'm in love Vi!" She collapsed theatrically in a chair.

"Danny, this is Shanie, she does Dance and Drama. Shanie, this is Danny, he's new."

"Hey!" She stuck her hand out and he took it, a little taken aback by her enthusiasm.

"Don't worry, you'll get used to her." i said, grinning at Shanie. She pouted.

"I'm not that bad! So Danny," she said turning to him, "What are you taking?"

"Drama and English."

"Wow, cool."

The End

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