Chapter 3Mature


"Hello Mrs Rashid, did you have a nice holiday?"

"Yes thank you Virginia, did you?"

"Yeah, it was good thanks. I got that holiday, but my parents didn't make it. I had to deal with my three cousins for a month. Torture."

She laughed and handed me my new timetable. "Well at least you got the holiday."

"Yeah. See you later!" I turned round and almost bumped in to a boy. Well when I say a boy, he looked more like a man, and when I say man, I mean I almost walked in to his thick muscled chest. Wow. "Sorry." I muttered looking up at his blonde haired, grey eyed perfection.

"No problem." He stook out his hand. "Danny." I shook his hand.


"Nice name." I glared at him to see if he was teasing, many people have come upwith nicknames for me, and you can probably guess so I won't go in to details. He didn't look like he was teasing.

"Thanks." He grinned, first at me, and then at Mrs Rashid.

"I'm new, Danny Woolf, do I get a timetable?"

"Yes, here it is." She passed it over the desk, winking at me. I scowled playfully. "Virginia, maybe you'd like to show Danny around. He's in your first class."

"Alright. This way Danny."  

The End

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