Chapter 2Mature


Yawning, I stretched on my bed. School, oh the intellectual joy. My first day at the new college my parents had moved me to. Great. I rolled slowly out of bed and grabbed my towel, heading out for my morning jog. Mum was up when I returned, but instead of talking I hopped in the shower, then got ready for school.

Mum was in the kitchen.

"Good luck Dan, you'll be fine!"

"Yeah, sure mum."

"Have you had your breakfast?"

"Yes!" I lied. "Bye mum!"

I ran out and shoved my bag in my car, jumping in over the door. I started the car, and pulled out of the driveway. A good song, and a fast journey to school. That would get me in the mood for school. 

I  arrived at school, and pulled in to a parking space. I jumped out, grabbed my bag and swung it over my shoulder. Leaning against the car door I surveyed my new school. Wasn't bad. A motorbike zoomed in through the gates and pulled up a few spaces down from me. The rider got off and pulled off their helmet. Wow, that was fit. A girl with a motorbike. She had cute pixie-like brown hair, which she flicked, and put the helmet on the bike. She was wearing black boots and skinny jeans, with a black leather jacket and a red top. She looked like some model off a catwalk. I followed her as she walked in to the school and up to the front desk.

The End

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