Wanting youMature

A love story set in college.


My alarm went off. I pushed aside the covers and jumped out. First day of the last year of college. Excellent. I jumped in the shower, then got ready for school. I ran downstairs and grabbed a nutri-grain for breakfast. Pushing the button for the answer machine I grabbed a carton of juice from the fridge.

"Hon, it's your mother. me and your dad are gonna be away for another month. There's nothing we can do babe, I'm sorry. Have fun at school!"

"End of messages."

Typical parents. Well, mine at least. I brushed my teeth, grabbed my bag and then headed for the door. I jumped on my motorbike, attatched my helmet and set off. I felt the wind zooming past and shook my head in excitement. This would be great.

The End

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