Wanting Ruby

Ruby is a young and highly desirable girl who isn't ready for that kind of role. How will she handle the attention?

(This started as an entry to the Colour-Me-A-Paragraph Challenge, but got a little lengthy so I thought I would put it here and add on to it when I had the opportunity.)

She blushed deeply at his unmistakable stare, her cheeks flushing a deep red that matched the ruby ring her mother had given her last week for her sixteenth birthday. The ring she lusted over the way so many men seemed to do over her. Why is it, she frequently wondered, that men see me as so desirable they have to stare like that? She was only a child, yet her body and face betrayed the impossibly beautiful woman she would become. As she passed by, eyes averted and kitten heels tapping quickly, she wished he would look away. A quiet gratefulness met her as she rounded the corner and left his stare behind her.

Relieved, she walked into the small coffee shop a few doors down and smiled at her friend. "Hi Mary," she called cheerfully. She hadn't been to work since her big birthday bash las week and she was glad for the smell of coffee and baking scones. Mary smiled back at her, a mischievous smile that warned her to stay guarded.

"There is something for you in the back on the table," Mary called after her as she went through the doors marked Employees Only. Hanging up her spring jacket on one of the bronze hooks, she peered over her shoulder at the table. There was a large bouquet of deep red roses, a small card sat between the prongs of the plastic fork. Two small wrapped gifts sat under it.

Smiling, she picked up the long rectangular gift. "That's from me!" Mary's head floated between the doors as she tried to be in to places at once. Quickly, she pulled off the glittery red paper and opened the lid of the box. A delicate necklace sat inside, a tear-dropped ruby pendant at the end opposite the clasp. She was delighted. Mary had disappeared, presumably for a customer.

She picked up the small squarish package with red, pink, and white striping. Inside was a ring that matched the bracelet from her other co-worker, Jane. Carefully, she packaged them both back up and put them in the pocket of her jacket for safe keeping. Mary's head floated back in the small room. "So? Who are they from?" she inquired.

"Haha. So funny! Like you and Jane didn't go shopping together." Sarcasm wrapped itself snugly around every curve and angle of her body like the wrapping paper had fit around the gifts.

"I meant the flowers dummy." Mary's impatience shook the sarcasm from her frame and she turned slowly back to the table and the bouquet.

Picking up the card, she opened it slowly and read. To My Sweet Ruby Whom I Will Someday Hold. A small picture was included with the message. She shivered, recognizing the eyes from the man who stared at her so intensely only minutes before. She hated that he knew her name.

The End

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