Want you so badMature

Chapter four (six, if you count the intro and character bios) of Type. not a part of the story as it is flagged as "mature" for odd reasons

                Strangely, it had begun to rain. Luka placed his hand against the windowpane, chilling his fingers against its smooth surface. It hardly ever rained, and almost never in the summer. In fact, when he gave it some thought, the last time he’d seen rain, he’d been on the Island. He sighed, his breath fogging the window. Turning to look if anyone else was in the room, he grabbed his wallet and the car keys.



                “…Luka?” Parker twitched, leaning tiredly against the door. “What do you want, man? It’s, like, five in the morning.” Luka fidgeted, not knowing how exactly to respond, prompting Parker to continue, “Don’t tell me this is about Lex and Mai.”

                Luka looked at his feet, “I couldn’t tell Art.”

                Eyebrows rising, Parker opened the door a bit more, reluctantly pulling Luka into the house after shooting glances both ways down the street. Luka followed Parker like a puppy through the hallways until they were in his room. Sighing, Parker pushed Luka into one of the couches, opening his mini-fridge and tossing a bottle in his direction.

                “I don’t want to get drunk,” Luka blinked.

                “Its root beer, you genius,” Parker scowled, pulling another for himself and yanking a bottle opener from his pin board. “My mom isn’t into underage drinking, just for your information.”

                Luka snorted, and then attempted opening his bottle with the help of his shirt, but after failing, snatched the tiny device from his friend. The two drank in silence; neither knew what to say to each other. Particularly ‘unfavorable’ things had happened in the past weeks, and it had caused an involuntary hush. Parker forced a sigh.

                “Why didn’t you tell her? She worked her ass off to try and get you two together, the least you could do is tell her your damn freaking identical twin brother got her instead,” Parker mumbled, immediately thereafter taking a drink from his root beer. “And it’s not like you aren’t ‘talking’ to her constantly…you’ve got that Type thing, right? You should be talking to her behind the scenes…on a messenger…right?”

                Luka shook his head, “You should see Type, Parker…really.”

                “But I’m not into RPGs,” Parker pointed out.

                “It’s really not like that, it’s not a ‘chat board’. It’s seriously like a collaborative novel online,” said Luka. “And…if you read it…you might kind of figure why I can’t talk to her. Or, well, look at it from my point of view, and….”

                Parker made irritable growling sounds, but nonetheless, reached for his laptop. Luka smiled, and took a seat next to his best friend, guiding him through the internet connection process.



                Parker ran his fingers through his hair, looking from screen to Luka and back.

                “She knows you all too well, Luka. I can actually imagine you saying that,” Parker shrugged, pointing to Artemis’s (or Loki’s) last entry. “I think that in real life…she’s got you to a perfect T, and she’ll be shining it in your eyes through the entire story.” Parker stretched, and then went on, “I think this last one is prompting you to push the story forward, make the readers look more into the characters. She’s not about to lay it all out for the audience like everyone else does. Notice, they were all looking for ways to throw in their stories…they want spotlight. Artemis is just…making the story…flow.”

                “Can you log into my E-mail account?” Luka blinked.

                Nodding, Parker opened up the hotmail link and passed his laptop over. Within the minute, Luka was searching through his draft box. He opened one link titled ‘homework outline, to: Parker, date: June 12’.

                It was a chat conversation record.

                “So you are talking to her,” Parker chuckled.

                “Shut up and read.”

                Immediately after finishing the log, though, Luka opened the second.

                “Is there any more?” Parker sighed

                “No,” Luka frowned. “It’s only been a week. Really.”

                “And you still haven’t told her?” Parker said exasperatedly. “Luka, are you some kind of idiot? She’s going to be totally pissed when she hears about this…and that you’ve been keeping it from her!”

                “Which is exactly why I’m not telling her,” Luka pointed out, placing his root beer on the floor and exiting his E-mail account. Parker almost looked disappointed that Artemis hadn’t logged in during the short period he’d been in reach of her. Luka shook his head, and then closed the laptop, tossing it over to Parker’s bed. “And I won’t tell her that it really wouldn’t work with Faye or Anita…because, well, you know. They aren’t about to go out with Lex’s brother…and after all the island crap…they don’t want to in any case.”

                Parker placed a hand on Luka’s head, “or you’re just spouting crap. What’s up?”

                “You know what’s up,” Luka frowned, staring down at his hands. “You did back then, and I’m pretty sure you haven’t forgotten. You know it was the worst day in my life when we got rescued. As ironic as it sounds.”

                Chuckling, Parker said, “one would figure that crash day would be the worst…but technically, it started the greatest six-month string for every last one of us.”

                “Hard to believe that was a year ago,” Luka murmured. “I can still…taste it. I still remember what it was like….”

                “Falco,” Parker laughed.

                Luka nodded sub-consciously, obviously lost in his own world. Parker sighed, and then put an arm around his friend, hugging him. Both of them knew, quite well, that they were the only ones who could ever do that without feeling like a homo.

                “Stronger than with Mai, huh?” Parker whispered.

                “So much,” Luka muttered, rubbing his face on his jacket sleeve. “So, so much stronger. So much that I hated it.”

                Parker left the couch, and then pulled a box out from under his bed. Luka watched on as he pulled a notebook out from its jumble of contents, as well as a roll of bills. Shocked, Luka could only gawk as his friend dropped the two onto his lap.

                “It’s not my money. My dad sends plane ticket money twice, three times a year so I can come up to see him…but I never go. I never had any intent on hopping a plane to see that drunk, anyway,” Parker sighed.

                “So what am I supposed to do with it?!” Luka choked.

                “You’ll probably need it, eventually. I just wanted to dump it on you after reading that,” Parker motioned to his laptop. “Push you into your story a little.”

                Luka went a bit red, “Parker, I can’t take this.”

                “Whatever. But I’m not keeping it. Just take the damn money before I have to throw it through one of your windows or up your ass.”



Loki Samnetira

By: Artemis

Entry Date: June 17, 5:46AM


            “Loki, what’s the matter?”

            His words were so…mellifluous that I shivered, hugging myself before I twisted to see him. He leaned against the glass doorframe, blue hair blown back in the sea breeze, melancholy drenching his features, drooping slightly, like a wet rag. A burning sensation lit in my throat, and I turned back to the railing, leaning into the iron rails. Footsteps sounded behind me, and soon, he was pitched against rail.

            “Did I do something wrong…or…?”

            Shaking my head, I tried my hardest not to say anything, not to lash out at him. Temper wasn’t my strong point…especially after deception. Iverson was just one of those men who were more convincing than others, though…his words could’ve been those of a sincere individual. But I just couldn’t believe that…it had been done before.


            Taking a deep breath, I gave him the simplest answer I could concoct, “I feel sick.”

            However, this didn’t achieve the effect I would’ve liked, for I was being gently pulled away from the railing and towards the room. Spinning on him, I jerked my hand away from him, glaring viciously in his direction.

            “Loki, I know you’re not sick. What did I do?” Iverson crooned.

            Steaming, I left him staring dumbly after me as I sprinted out of the room.



            Finding myself at the top deck, I wondered what the hell was making me so upset with him. I’d been positively livid…my hands were clenching the guard rail, the color of my knuckles subsiding to white. My bell sleeves rippled peacefully in the breeze, soothing the skin of my forearms. I was taken by this boy, utterly fascinated by how…he could throw together all these things, make it seem so authentic and…blameless. Yet, he wasn’t the first, not even for I. Many before him had attempted what he did now, so many more, and knowing as I was; only hurt could follow consent.

            “Hey there, Loki!” Quin’s voice floated towards me. Sometimes, being on a ship was a bad thing; because eventually, you’d be discovered.

            “Quin,” I nodded to him. “How are you?”

            “Thought that I’d get some fresh air.”

            “I see.”

            “Hey, too bad you’re stuck with Iverson tonight, huh?” Quin sniggered, tapping his fingers on the railing.

            Blinking, I asked, “why?”

            Uncompromisingly, his response was, “because it would be cooler to room with me. I think I’m cooler…he’s not girl-smart.”

            Surprised by his words, I decided to inquire on this, “What do you mean by that? Does he always get in trouble with his girlfriends or something? He seems like such a….”



Quin Desmond

By: Noel

Entry Date: June 17, 6:14AM


                “Greenhorn?” I laughed. “Poor kid never had an outright girlfriend before.”

                “How so?” Loki asked.

                I shook my head, “the poor boy doesn’t have the nerve to stick with girls who aren’t mutual. If they decide to overuse him, he’ll just…leave. I talked to him a damn lot, so he gave me the lowdown on all his failed attempts to get rid of May, his ex-fiancée. Being a rich boy attracted all the wrong kinds of traffic, though.”

                She looked disgusted, for some odd reason. I raised my eyebrows, and then ruffled her hair a bit.

                “What?” I asked.

                She mumbled something, and I could’ve sworn that it was ‘not you too’.



Iverson Lox

By: Luka

Entry Date: June 17, 7:00AM


                I just couldn’t find her. I backed into the wall and then slid down until I was sitting with my knees against my chest, planting my hand against my forehead. Damn, we were on a boat, why did she elude me so? I couldn’t get that image out of my head, her anger.... She made me want to seriously hang myself off the side of the ferry. But not before I knew why.

                A woman bypassed me, her eyes unabashedly intrigued by my form. Disgusted, I stood and walked in the opposite direction, dashing up the stairs to the upper deck. I was welcomed by a blast of air. Walking around the little employees-only building, I glanced about….

                I snapped back around the building, right against the corner as soon as I saw her. My breath caught, and then I peered around the wall, unblinking as I watched her. Quin was there too, laughing, scratching his head. Loki giggled, lifting her hand to her face, eyelashes fluttering. It was impossible to believe that this girl had saved my life, and Kazumi’s, with those delicate hands. God, she was gorgeous. I could tell why Quin was trying so hard to entertain her…who wouldn’t? I could hear him, just the slightest, but her words were inaudible, kept low and sweet, as I knew it, even though her last words to me had been lies to dodge me.

                Feeling like a moron, I turned away from them and rubbed my face. She didn’t remind me of anything…and it was just so…interesting. Only that…she wasn’t talking to me. That happened a lot; but never before had it been in this context. I had no idea what I’d done, but she was really angry with me, but somehow, she was perfectly fine with Quin, who she’d probably talked with as much as she had me.

                “What did I do?” I whispered to myself.

                Maybe this was what May had felt like. I hoped that it was. But at least I knew what she’d done…now, I just…didn’t know. Did I really deserve this?


Kazumi Ayase

By: Angel

Entry Date: June 17, 11:17AM


                By the time I woke up, it was six in the evening and everyone was ready to go to dinner. It was almost surprising that everyone had ended up back at the room in time to leave. I hung near the back of the pack as we made our way down the hall to the nearest restaurant. I found myself with Iverson, who was a bit distant. I pulled my sleeves around my hands, and then nudged him.


                “Hi?” He responded, tilting his head a bit.

                “You look out of it.”

                He only shrugged, and then got back to being…out of it.

                At dinner, though, he seemed to perk up a bit more. The conversations rolled around the table; truly, I’d never been through anything quite like it.

                “So what would you have done if you were an only child?” Kendra gawked in Loki’s direction.

                “Well, I guess things wouldn’t have been as hard…since I didn’t have to be better than them and prove myself. I’d get credit for everything I did, and I wouldn’t be hated for doing it…because nobody else would have to do it. Siblings hate you when you set the bar high…so real often, they’d take to destroying my things….”

                “Really?” Liam blinked. “That’s got to suck.”

                “Is that how the wardrobe thing started up?” Quin chuckled

                “Yes, actually. They’d cut my sleeves off of my long-sleeved shirts...shred some of my clothes, write all over some of my things….”

                “Makes sense!” Kendra giggled.

                “So what about you, Kendra?” Iverson smiled.

                “Ah, pretty much lived alone, since my grandma was always gone playing Mahjong or whatever. She was, like, never home, and I was always making dinner, but she’d never eat it since she ate out most of the time….”

                “Sounds like a VERY active grandmother,” Quin stuck his tongue.

                Kendra nodded, and then snapped a candid picture of everyone before speaking once more, “she’d rather be out of the house when the burglars got in.”

                “Ouch,” Liam blinked.

                Iverson shook his head, “my dad would throw a fit and scour the city for their butts.”

                “No kidding, huh?” I giggled.

                “I bet May would throw a fit, too. Wonder if her Iverson was doing alright,” Quin joked, punching Iverson in the arm.

                “Oh, whatever. Not anymore, pushed her the heck away. She was damn scary, I have no idea why my parents ever considered her….” I blinked curiously as he looked down, and then flashed a glance in Loki’s direction. “But anyway, OFF of that subject. So. Quin, why do you look like a woman?!”

                “Not that again,” Liam groaned.

                “Why? What happened?” Kendra pondered.

                “NOTHING!” Quin exploded.

                I touched Liam’s arm, and he looked away, embarrassed.



Kendra Hill

By: Mel

Entry Date: June 17, 12:13PM


                Everyone dispersed after dinner, Kazumi decided to go back to sleep, and Liam was intent on escorting her back to the room. Quin went away to check out the night scene while Loki disappeared to go off somewhere else on the ship while Iverson headed towards the back of the ship to do lord knows what. In this, I decided to hone my tailing skills, and followed him.

                I was doing a damn good job when Iverson suddenly stopped. It took me a few minutes to get a good position, but eventually, I figured that he’d found Loki, staring out over the railing. Blinking, I got myself closer and concealed myself so well I wouldn’t have found myself. But at this, I couldn’t see for a damn.

                “Um, Loki?”

                There was a pause.

                “What do you want?” She responded finally. “Because I’m not really interested.”

                “Um…oh…okay, but well…I just,” He struggled for words. “Well, I…”



Iverson Lox

By: Luka

Entry Date: June 17, 4:19PM


                “Loki, I just want to know what I did.”

                She sighed, and then tossed those long, glistening strands over her shoulder. Just the way she did that seemed so interesting, using the back of her hand, flicking her wrist, trailing it with her fingers so that the curtain fanned out and caught the moonlight. She wouldn’t look at me, but I knew that if she did, her eyes would throw me out of my wits.

                “Why do you want to know so badly?” She asked me.

                I shook my head, “because I have no idea…it’s really uncomfortable like this. I want to get to know you more, but you’re just evading me….”

                “What do you want to know?” Loki murmured, her irises moving in my direction.

                I fluttered ever so slightly, just with that one, small movement.

                “Just…anything,” I breathed. “Really. I mean, we have all the time in the world, I know, but, you just make me really…curious. You saved my life, Loki; you’ve got to…give me some credit for wanting to know. I mean…why were you down there?”

                “I was always down there. Whenever I told my mother I was out with friends, studying, whatever, I was always down there. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time when you fell…it was all luck. All of it. I need no special thanking.”

                “But Loki…you saved my life! You can’t brush that off.”

                “You would’ve fallen into the water. I didn’t save your life; I saved you from getting wet.”

                I shook my head, “did you even look into the water, Loki? Ever? It’s shallow, way too shallow, if we’d hit the water like that, both of us, we would’ve….” I shivered, just imagining it. We’d been at the most awkward angle….

                She seemed to know that as well as I did.

                “Why are you so bent on getting away from me?” I asked her.

                “You know why,” was her reply.

                “But I don’t know why!” I exclaimed, keeping my voice as low as possible. “Loki what did I do? Did I say something wrong or…? I mean…we were perfectly fine up until….I don’t know!”

                “Just stop lying to me!” Loki choked, and with that, she fled the scene.

                I rubbed the back of my neck, and then slammed my hand into the railing. What the hell did I do!?



Loki Samnetira

By: Artemis

Entry Date: June 17, 5:22PM


            Iverson was much too good at this. But how could any of those words have been valid? Why was he lying to everyone so well? Why were men so deceptive? I collapsed into my bed and rolled into a ball, pulling the covers over my head, hating to remember the feel of their hands, trying to coerce me….

            He was in the room, now, as the sound of the opening and closing door gave away. Mattress springs squealing, I figured that he would just go to bed…and call it a day. What more could he do? I’d tried to make it clear that he wouldn’t win me over….

            “Loki?” his voice was clear, translucent.

            Removing the covers from my face, I stared back at him, lying atop his bed, his head propped on his hand. All of my assumptions were suddenly snapped into view. How could women not throw themselves at him…and how could he refuse? There wasn’t a possibility of him refusing…all men were animals, especially these rich boys. Thinking they could get away with anything, even though they already had a fiancée….

            Such an alluring gaze, pulling me in, wishing that he wasn’t…lying. Experience had taught me to place myself in another’s point of view, and in doing it so much, I could already see what he was trying to do…. Trying to get me, and then later, when I was no longer of use to him, he’d throw me on the side…. Women could never see it coming. This angel…how could it hurt them? Only when it happened did they understand what had been going on. There was no way I would fall for it….


            I hated myself for even thinking about responding, but there it was, my words, out in the open.

            “Do you read fiction?”


            “What kind?”

            “Any kind…as long as I like the writer’s style.”

            “Do you have any favorites?”

            “Emiele,” I responded, throwing out the first thing that came to my mind. He probably didn’t know her, though; she’d published many books, but none of them had ever become truly popular.

            And then he did the unthinkable.



Iverson Lox

By: Luka

Entry Date: June 17, 5:38PM


                 “The one who wrote Dreamscape and Thorns…and Diversion?” I blinked, surprised. I hadn’t ever imagined she’d know Emiele. “That Emiele? Are you serious?”

                “My favorite is Hating Everything About Me,” Loki smiled softly.

                “That’s shocking,” I gawked. “How do you know her? I’ve been following her from the beginning, she’s one of my favorites, too…. Her writing style is just…impeccable, it makes you feel like you’re…” I shook my head, incapable of finishing off my thought. Emiele was really good, period. “Good to know that her stuff is getting around.”



Loki Samnetira

By: Artemis

Entry Date: June 17, 7:02PM


            “Actually…she really isn’t getting anywhere.”

            “What do you mean?” Iverson blinked, obviously confused.

            “Of course I’m going to know my own stories,” I told him bluntly.

            Saying that, I turned around, utterly confused. How could he…?

            “That’s amazing, Loki. Really, it’s just, so amazing,” Iverson breathed, his voice sounding so utterly attractive.

            Incapable of helping myself, I turned back towards him. Just…breathtaking. His midnight hair was mess from the day’s activity, his body supple, lax due to fatigue. Had I been unreceptive of deception, I would’ve given in to him at this very moment, so very easily would I have given way. But the fear of the inevitable kept me in check, kept me thinking.

            Oh, how I wished that men were simpler.


Iverson Lox

By: Luka

Entry Date: June 17, 10:23PM


                “Loki, do you have an idea for…another story?”

                She tilted her head, hair tumbling like a waterfall over her shoulder.

                “I do.”

                “Would you mind…telling me?”

                With the lightest smile…she actually nodded.



Liam Aronis

By: Gabriel

Entry Date: June 18, 9:34PM


                The second day on the boat had been extremely uneventful. Kazumi had spent almost the entire day eating and sleeping, her stomach still uneasy with the movements of the boat. Kendra spent most of her time taking pictures and printing her work in the business room. Quin had practically kidnapped Loki for a few hours, playing games on the upper decks. I’d been dragged into such by Iverson, who obviously didn’t trust Quin alone with the girl. I wasn’t sure why, since Quin was gay, but he didn’t know that. But nonetheless, he did his best to speak with Loki; I think they were discussing some sort of story…and Iverson was completely engrossed.

                Before I knew it, I was dragging Kazumi into the room we were supposed to share for the night.

                She fell into her bed, her hand gently clasped around mine.

                “Thank you, Liam…you’re…really nice,” she smiled, twining her fingers with mine.

                I blushed, and then squeezed her hand.

                “Um, about that night…I’m sorry if I kind of overstepped my welcome…”



Kazumi Ayase

By: Angel

Entry Date: June 18, 10:43PM


            “No…not at all,” I whispered.

            I needed to know. Raising my free hand, I placed it against his chest, his heartbeat strong against my palm, much faster than normal. His hand flowed out of mine and onto my wrist, caressing the outside of my forearm until his hand reached my elbow, where it paused.

            “Don’t get freaked out, Kazumi…but I kind of…like you.”

            “I like you too,” I smiled, and with this, I kissed his forehead. “Let’s make it a date sometime, when we get Poltiere.”

            “Why not now?” Liam murmured.

            “Because…right now, it’s Loki’s spotlight.”

            “What do you mean?”

            “I don’t want her to get intimidated. Iverson and Quin are both crushing on her…really bad. Or, well, from what I gather. I mean, Kendra was listening in on him talking to her, and he was really upset that she was upset with him…or something,” I murmured. “If they saw us…it would prompt them to try something with her. But as of yet…she’s really tender. I think she may be afraid of boys, and I don’t want them to hurt her.”

            “What does that have to…?”

            “You’ll see,” I whispered, pushing him towards his own bed. “Don’t worry, we’ll have many more nights…but tonight, I just feel…really sick.”

            “Goodnight, then,” Liam whispered, disappointed…but I knew he was happy, somewhere.



Kendra Hill

By: Mel

Entry Date: June 19, 7:12AM


                “Hey Quin,” I barked at him over the distance between our beds. “Come here.”

                “Why?” He asked, raising his eyebrows.

                I tossed a pillow at him. “I want to be gay with you.”     

                “What the hell is that supposed to mean?!” Quin exploded, shooting straight up, the CD player dropping from his hands. “Did Liam tell you something?!”

                “No,” I replied, twitching. “Why?”

                “Nothing!” He growled.

                “Come on, Quin. I can bet you that the others were doing naughty things in here when it was their turn for unisex room night,” I wondered if he knew that I was joking (this was all a sham to get his feelings for Loki out). I was eager to figure out everyone’s relationship standings…especially after watching Loki and Iverson on the first night. It was especially interesting to study these older teenagers.

                “Oh, screw you,” Quin frowned. “I don’t want to make out with another guy.”

                “I bet you’ve done it before.”

                “DAMN LIAM!”

                “Holy shit, you made out with Liam?!”

                “Ah, frick, what did I just say…?!”




                Artemis smiled at the screen. It was quite evident that they wanted to figure out what was going to happen between Loki and Iverson. Never before would they just blow off two days where they could’ve done some serious character development. It would be all up to her and Luka to make the fourth day the worthwhile thing about having a ferry. Angel had obviously set up the five-day thing to make some big plot twists, but after chucking two of the days (and nights, for that matter), you could tell that Artemis and Luka had made themselves the main characters of the segment; especially after Angel’s last entry. She and Luka hadn’t written since Sunday, and nobody had written anything all of Monday until the very last minute, after figuring that neither Artemis nor Luka were going to add anything more to that night.


Luka has just logged in


Artemis: Luka! I love your writing!

Luka: What the hell are you talking about?! You’re creaming me!

Artemis: But really…your descriptions are just so awesome! <3 you must be thinking of Mai.

Luka: Um…



                Luka swallowed, his hands frozen on the keyboard. It was still raining.



Iverson Lox

By: Luka

Entry Date: June 19, 7:34PM


                I was just so captivated by her words, how she could so effortlessly read off a plot. Every so often, she’d stop, and I’d just ask her questions. Her life was just so…sad. Writing was the only thing that she’d ever done that she’d actually wanted to do. Listening to her for the past three days had really let me into her mind, and every so often, she would drop her irritation towards me and actually talk to me, and let me tell her about myself. Though, whenever I did, she would gradually become edgy, and she’d altogether stop asking, getting back to her story.

                It drove me crazy. She was just so surreal, she was….

                As soon as I realized what it was, I stopped altogether. She blinked at me, a concerned touch to her face, leaning forward, her hands rising.

                “Iverson? Iverson, are you okay?”

                Loki was the greatest inspiration in the world. Her words enthralled me, her voice, everything just wanted me to do something better, all so that she wouldn’t have this anger. Why did she have to be angry like this? My heart was burning, not understanding her, and so desperately wanting to know why, how to fix this.

                “Yes, yes, I’m okay,” I reassured her.

                A glance at the dining hall clock told me that it was almost eight. I rubbed my thighs, sore from standing up all day.

                “Should we get back?” Loki sighed. “I’m almost done, so we can finish the rest on the way there.”

                I nodded.



Loki Samnetira

By: Artemis

Entry Date: June 19, 8:17PM


            His patience was unbelievable, his interest always undying, blue eyes never leaving my form, never venturing too far in fear of scaring me away. Over time, he’d learned what made me edgy, and he did his best to avoid it. Oh, how actors would so quickly adapt, so speedily learn. Such unrelenting effort....

            We entered our room, and I was just on time.

            “She places her hand against the tree, and is just about to leave when she spots something glistening amongst the blades of grass. She bends to pick it up…and discovers that it’s her father’s necklace charm. She begins to cry, and then smiles, adding it to the chain around her neck.”

            My story ended there, and I paused right before my bed, turning to look at him. “How did you like it?”

            “Loki, you’re an amazing storyteller,” he murmured, standing just across from me. “It makes me wish that we were actually…on good terms, that I could fix whatever I did.”

            The breath caught in my throat.

            “Iverson, you already know,” I murmured.

            He was all too beautiful…and…I could swear that he was actually…telling me the truth. My stomach tightened, and I placed my hand to my throat. The midnight in his hair had become so welcome, his features so familiar, tearing me every which way. Standing so close…as he had been, so patient, so angelic. My eyes glazed over with tears, hating him so badly for being so…good.

            “Stop it,” I cried, clapping my hand to my mouth. “Please, please Iverson, stop killing me!”

            “What, what is it?” Iverson gasped, lurching forward. “Just tell me what I did, Loki…I’ll do anything! I’ll stop it…just…what did I do?!”



Iverson Lox

By: Luka

Entry Date: June 19, 1:04AM


                “Just stop it…I’m not…stupid!” Loki cried, falling to her knees.

                I inhaled sharply, and then fell to my knees before her, grasping her shoulders. She shook me away, pushing my chest, moving backwards. My heart throbbed, watching her retracting, flinching away from me. It made me wonder what the hell I’d done….

                “Loki, what did I do?” I choked, my arms frozen aloft, just inches from her.

                “You’re lying to me…how could someone like you have not been with someone?” Loki choked. “It’s exactly what men do to pull girls in, they lie! They’re all exactly like you!”

                Her words shocked me enough that my arms dropped, and I hung back.

                “What?!” I whimpered. “Loki, I’m….”

                She buried her face in her hands, slumping towards the floor.

                “You’re just so good at it…you really make me want to believe you.”

                I could no longer help myself. I fell forward, pulling her into my arms, pulling my hands through her hair.

                “I don’t know what it is about you, Loki…you…you’re just killing me.” I exhaled painfully, pushing her against the bed. “Loki, I swear…you have to believe me….” She shuddered, rising slowly, taking me with her.

                We tumbled backwards onto the sheets, her arms curling around me as she cried, kissing the top of my head. My heart was throbbing, and I crawled up further. I stared into her eyes, trembling, and she ran her fingers lightly against the side of my face.

                “I hate you…” she cried, lifting herself up towards me.

                Her nose brushed against mine, her breath hot on my lips.

                “I love you,” I whispered back, kissing her softly. My tears fell, pulling her closer, kissing her again and again and again.



                Luka curled into a ball, covering his face in his hands. His heart beat erratically, choking on his own tears. No…he wasn’t thinking of Mai as he wrote.

                The small, brown paper bag was still there, beside his monitor. Suddenly, he knew what Parker wanted him to do with it. Snatching it, he reached in for the notebook, flipping through the pages to find the correct number. Half an hour later, he was grabbing his keys, determined as the sky rained down on him.



                The tenth day. June twentieth. Artemis marked it off on her calendar. It was almost noon, she realized, and she turned towards her laptop. She opened the top, scanning her favorites list for the Type site. After writing her last entry, she’d logged out—so if Luka had written on, she’d missed it. Although she wouldn’t admit it out loud, she was hoping that he had added on…. To her utter joy, his entry was right there. It took her only a few minutes to read it, but afterwards, her heart was pounding.

                 She was just about to read it again when a small E-mail identification notice popped into the corner. Opening it, she discovered that it was from Luka…from a mobile phone.


Subject: (none)

Sender: Luka <Cobalt_Crash_Aukraine@hotmail.com>

Date: June 20, 11:58AM


Look outside, please.



                Artemis blinked, confused by his message. She rose to her feet and glanced out her window. Not seeing anything out of the ordinary…besides rain. She moved into the hallway, making her way down the stairs. She heard only her footsteps as she made her way to the front door. He couldn’t have….

                Twisting the door handle, she wondered who he’d sent….

                The breath caught in her throat.


                He was trembling, she realized, and she quickly grabbed his hand, pulling him into the house, out of the cold. He quickly donned his jacket, placing it on the coat rack, breathing heavily. Artemis wouldn’t take her eyes off of him, disbelieving. He’d grown; he was now that much taller than her. She guided him into the next room, her eyes still not leaving him.

                “Luka…what are you doing here…?”

                “I’m never thinking of Mai when I write…not unless I have to write of May,” Luka choked, water streaming from his hair and into his face. “She has Lex…I couldn’t tell you.” He pushed his hair back from his forehead. “Art, I don’t know why neither of us said anything or realized it…. I swear, right now, had we not been rescued….” Artemis shivered, watching him as his eyes filled with sorrow. “God damn, Artemis, why couldn’t you tell?”

                “I’m sorry…I did a bad job I’m….” Artemis choked. “I shouldn’t have interfered, oh my god, Luka, I’m so sorry….”

                “No, you idiot!” Luka cried, taking her by the shoulders. “I’m not thinking about Mai because I’m thinking of you, and it hurts like hell! You never understood that…and when we left…I just had nothing to say because…there was nothing more to do. It was over…and…and….”

                Artemis shook, jaw trembling.

                “God damn it,” Luka murmured. “I love you. I love you a hell of a lot more than Iverson is ever going to love Loki.”

                It only took a few seconds for the tears to flood her eyes. Artemis threw her arms around him, burying her face into his chest. He so willingly held her, and had no thought whatsoever of refusing as she stood on tiptoe, kissing him, pulling him closer. Luka pushed against her, moving her backwards until she buckled at her knees, collapsing to the couch, pulling him with her.

                “But what about Mai…I thought you…” Artemis breathed.

                “Damn it, why would I get on a freaking plane if I was still….” He cut himself off as he kissed her.

                Artemis clasped his hands, “Because you’re an idiot…”

                “I know,” he smiled, bringing his lips to hers once more.

                “But what about…your parents…and….”

                “Shut up, I’m a runaway,” Luka snickered as she pulled him down.



Liam Aronis

By: Gabriel

Entry Date: June 20, 12:18PM


                I stared at the flat city that was Poltiere. I’d never seen it before, and I had no idea what to expect, but it was like a metropolis without skyscrapers or overly tall structures. The highest points were water towers placed here and there along the city’s expanse. After fully unloading our things, we headed out into the city to find ourselves a place to stay (and in that time I discovered that Loki and Iverson seemed to be on better terms, causing Quin much unease).

                Eventually, we found ourselves a cozy (singe-storied) motel a few streets off of the lake. The place was practically indispensible, though, it was equipped with an all-purpose sundry store, beside a small internet café, and a small knick-knack vendor was right out in front (from which we purchased several maps of Poltiere). We figured that we’d hang out here until we got bored of it, or we were forced to relocate by some means.

                Once again, we decided to purchase three rooms. Iverson volunteered for him and Loki to share one of which…which was ultimately favored by the girls. It went to two neutral votes, three positives, and one negative (obviously from Quin), and in the end, Iverson had earned his sleeping place in Poltiere (if one even wanted to call it that).

                However, as it turned out, I finally realized (it was after the fact, of course) that I had cornered myself into sleeping in the same room as Quin. I shuddered, and then rubbed my face.

Kazumi Ayase

By: Angel

Entry Date: June 20, 2:44PM


            “Heeere are your new cell phones!” I declared happily, tossing one at each of them.

            Liam and I had bought them all in separate colors in order to distinguish between them. Mine was pink, Liam’s silver. Quin had landed himself with the green one while Kendra snatched the yellow, Iverson got the blue, and Loki took black.

            “They run on pre-paid cards,” Liam told them. “We already charged them with enough minutes to last a good long while.”



                “So really Luka…what’s going to happen to you?” Artemis asked, resting snugly against his chest, her eyes closed. “I mean…you just hopped the first plane here and…what?”

                Luka grinned, “Parker’s covering for me, and he’s going to tell my mom that he ran away to his father’s place. And that he took me with him. I’ll have to do the three-way call with him every once in a while, though….”

                “What do you mean?” Artemis blinked.

                “I’m planning on spending my summer here,” Luka smiled. “You always told me that your mom was renting out that room…”

                Artemis’s cheeks suddenly flared, and Luka chuckled, brushing his thumb against her jawbone.

                “We were roommates, back then, Art. Nothing wrong with being under the same roof as me, is there?”

                Her response was to kiss him.

The End

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