Sometimes you just need things to be hanging by a thread to realize what really matters the most. Or atleast that's the case between Nellie and Ryan.


Nellie Thompson was smart, but still hung up on her past love .
Ryan Abernathy has just gotten out of a bad breakup.

Their two worlds collide on one faithful day. They started to talk, and eventually started to fall for one another. Ryan was unsure if this was just because he had just broken up with his girlfriend or is this for real. Nellie was thinking if she was making either the biggest mistake of her life, or a new adventure she's willing to take on. The World eventually knew, and eventually they were against it. Nellie's friends thought Ryan might just be using her. Ryan's friends don't like Nellie. But they proved everyone wrong. Their loved bloomed and they finally became happy. But after a while, the spark was dimming. They both knew they were drifting apart, but they just wouldn't say it. Nellie thought that maybe it was time to let go and asked, which caught Ryan off guard. Nellie thought it over time and time again until this time Ryan suggested that they should stop. It took that moment for Nellie to realize everything she was about to lose. And she also realized that she wasn't ready to let go just yet.

The End

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