"There will be no more death, sorrow, crying or pain. All these things are gone forever." Revelation 21:4, NLT

It was like a dream.

She slowly walked the hospital hallway, one might say wandering aimlessly. Her mind was blank, yet her body knew where it was going as she turned corner after corner. She moved silently alongside the various medical personnel and through the doors to the operating room. She peered over the shoulders and heads of easily a dozen doctors. Her body laid on the operating table, bruised and bloodied with cuts and scrapes. Her mind flashed to a memory as she witnessed the physical representation of her pain. The low buzzing in her mind, her vision blurring as she struggled to see, the bright lights, sudden crash, the tumbling sensation she felt as she was flipped upside down, the suffocating feeling on her chest as her consciousness slipped away into nothingness…..

The doctors conversed with one another in rapid, hushed voices, yet she heard nothing. It was as if she was underwater, any and all sounds muted and inaudible. The fluorescent lights over head seemed to grow brighter, casting an eerie white shadow over the scene before her. Suddenly a doctor hurried across the room, grabbing a defibrillator. For whatever reason, her sense of sound came back, just in time for the heart monitor to flatline.

“Clear!” The doctor shouted, lining up the panels along her chest and ribs. Her body jolted as the electricity coursed through her, yet the flatline sound still echoed through her numb mind. The doctor tried again, yet to no avail. He sighed anxiously. He lowered his head towards the girl’s face, whispering, “Come on sweetheart, keep fighting. You can do this. On the count of three.” He leaned back up, assuming the proper position of the panels again. “One more time.” He addressed his staff, who nodded in agreement. His eyes shifted suddenly, not to the girl’s body, but to the version of her watching him, almost as if he saw her. “Ready?” He asked.

She took a deep breath, nodding in response.

The doctor inhaled. “One…Two…” He turned his attention to his staff for a brief second before refocusing on the girl’s lifeless body beneath him.



The End

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