Dr. Leonard A. Wang is a new member of the Prometheus Project, a secret government organization dedicated to dealing with extraterrestrials and unusual phenomena (much like Stargate, X-Files, etc. I know, but hey, the formula's cool...)
Leo and other scientists embark on adventures that challenge their wills, threaten their lives, but also reveal marvels beyond their imagining.


Consider the repulson.

Approximately the size of a proton (which is 8.77 x 10^-16 meters), the particle has the unique property of repelling most forms of electromagnetic radiation; experiments have shown that waves with frequencies above 10^12 Hz (infrared) are reflected from the strange matter. This property has proven invaluable for interstellar craft, as travelers in repulson-shielded ships can ride without fear of radiation.

Its "repulsive field" also affects matter. Early experiments conducted on Triclesea found that any and all particles fired upon repulsons actually accelerated away from them; the same happened vice versa. Thorgus Kelmar, the Triclesean physicist who discovered the particle, established that this field created by repulsons had an inverse square relationship with respect to distance, much like gravity. The repulsive constant R is several orders of magnitude larger than the gravitational constant G, creating "anti-gravity" effects.

Though repulsive to normal matter, repulsons are quite attracted to one another, often clumping in spherical, mirror-like balls. Such aggregates are used as works of art on Triclesea and Gonmalda.

On a more pragmatic level, the repulson's cohesive and repulsive properties are critical for the creation of wormholes, the quickest and safest way to travel. Not long after Kelmar designed the force-field technology for space-travel, another Triclesean, Roe Perion, designed the ring-buttress shape for wormhole opening. Perion, ill at ease with the prospect of century-long trips, used a ring of repulsons to hold open and exponentially enlarge "micro-wormholes". Lauded by all, the method ushered in a new age of discovery.

Newly emboldened and always curious, the Tricleseans took to the stars. They found strange creatures and beautiful worlds. They even found other civilizations, some as enlightened as they were, others in varying states of barbarism. The Tricleseans allied with the advanced civilizations and formed the United Sapient Entities (USE), the first interspecies organization.

How wonderful and magnificent it was! Art, science, culture, all rose to soaring heights. The sharing of knowledge enabled the progression toward total happiness and wisdom, liberating all of the USE members.

Alas, perfection is an ephemeral state. It was not long into the golden age that USE encountered the Reptilians. Seemingly advanced, the lizard-like species received an envoy from the USE; he was summarily fired upon and barely escaped death. Soon, the Reptilians waged war upon the Union.

The Reptilians, unlike the USE, were unenlightened, covetous, and violent. Though technologically advanced, they refused to abandon their old ideals, their old gods; the Reptilians viewed their weapons as tools in a religious cause. To them, the repulson was but a particle to be used in war. To them, war was honor. To them, honor meant tyranny and violence.

The USE managed to push back the Reptilians to their home-planet. The aggressors stood their ground, vowing never to surrender. They planned a stealth attack on USE's Space Ship (USESS); intercepted by USE intelligence, the plan was halted but showed the resiliency of their cause. Talk began of using the new anti-matter bomb, made possible by repulson shielding. Kelmar opposed such a strategy, warning of major casualties and unintended consequences.

Cassandra was unheeded. The bombs were dropped and much of the planet's biosphere was decimated. Peace was hastily made and the Reptilians patched their civilization back together. The USE were shocked by their own destructiveness, horrified by what they were capable of. They signed the Kelmar Accords, limiting the production and aggregation of anti-matter.

The war with the Reptilians convinced the USE to temporarily close its doors, to stop exploring for some time. But when a signal was received from a planet on the edge of a spiral galaxy, nothing could suppress the urge to investigate.

After a short wormhole trip, four USE envoys navigated a spacecraft to this watery planet, Earth. They found the human race thriving, technology and culture booming. But they also saw hatred, fear, and superstition. They saw a potential threat, a species not unlike the Reptilians. The envoys reported back their findings to the USE, which (unusually) urged the envoys to interact with the humans, to seek out more information.

The US government was of course surprised by the arrival. Military officials were torn between fear and envy. Scientists routinely fainted. The Alder Corporation, the world's largest and most secretive weapons company, looked forward to exploiting the new resource.

The envoys asked to see the source of the signal; it turned out to be a downed spacecraft from an unknown species, crashed in the late 40's. Though permitted to study the wreckage at first, the envoys were barred by one General Schwartz. His wife was suspected to have died from an extraterrestrial disease, infuriating the once peaceful Schwartz. Out of fear, he and other isolationists opposed any more contact with the extraterrestrials. The USE smugly agreed, seeing the folly of reasoning with the primitive creatures.

But another general, Adams, implored upon the four envoys to stay. He saw the potential of a prolonged relationship with these beings. The philosophies, knowledge, culture, and technology that could be exchanged was enormous and was too great an opportunity to miss.

His pleadings were relatively successful. The USE agreed to maintain the scientific dealings though severely limited the military and technological trade, suspicious of Alder and other firms. Adams dedicated a bunker in the desert to his new division codenamed Prometheus (originally called "Center for the Investigation of Extraterrestrials and the Paranormal for Human Interest" - CIEPHI). The division was also granted access to the Triclesean section of the USESS, allowing human scientists to conduct highly advanced experiments. A new age of humanity seemed to dawn.

But the Schwartz-led wing of the government remained in fear of the mysterious outsiders. In "pre-emptive defense", they continued to reverse engineer machines found on the Roswell crash, with the Alder Corporation making a killing off of their weapons contracts. Any and all sources of power were hunted down and taken for the government-Corporation complex. Prometheus clashed with these agents for information and power.

The repulson continued to arouse the deepest feelings of the scientists, now including humans. The beautiful intricacies of the particle provided a soothing contrast to the disquieting conflict with Alder. Chief among these admirers was Dr. Leonard A. Wang, possibly the most intelligent man on the planet.

The End

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