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Adrian’s space pod featured a distinct lack of control panel and one could hardly see how you would start the thing. The only buttons seemed to be those controlling compartments--like the cot/hammock. There was, however, a small hole which might have been confused with a trash receptacle until he thrust his hand inside and another opened for his other arm. Once both arms were in, the inside of the pod lit up with a warm, greenish hue and the entire thing hovered in the air, “It seems our friend, the captain, has fallen asleep. I wondered when that bit of extra you put in the salve would kick in. Charon it is, then. Visiting family or engaging in business?”

Dragging herself from her musings, she watched Adrian, realizing that he had started to take control of the small pod. But that’s not what surprised her, it was the words that told her he knew she had magic. She blanched as she wondered what was going to happen to her now. But, he had said it in a manner of being friendly and not in the way most people did once they discovered magic users.

“Business,” she responded as her eyes now looked further still around the little ship. She leaned back into the seat, making herself rather comfortable before she crossed her arms across her chest, her eyes now watching the pilot. “They have a festival coming up, so they requested me to be there.”

Adrian smirked, “So I was right then, a dancer. Are you heavily requested for festivals and things?”

She tilted her head, “I’ve never denied that I wasn’t one... and well, I suppose you can say that I am pretty heavily asked of for those kinds of things. They always seem to have something going on, whether it’s the winter or the summer.”

“You didn’t deny... but you did not deign to answer.”

Ai shrugged, “I suppose I did, but you’ve never asked me directly what I did for a living.”

Adrian chuckled, “I don’t often presume to ask bluntly. Subtlety is much more civil and stylish. Don’t you think, sweet?”

She merely had to pause for a moment, pondering the answer to his comment before agreeing with a curt nod, “Yes, it’s more eloquent that way.” She rarely had people talk to her this way, something that was rather rare for a woman who traveled from village to village, not often enough into a city. After what may be a short bit of silence, Ai asked, “How fast are we going...? Would it take very long to get to Charon Village?”

“Oh, I’d say we’re roughly four hours out now. Doesn’t seem like we’ve been flying for an hour though, does it?” Adrian sighed. “Good company never lasts long enough.”

His remark caused a slight raise of her eyebrow up. Four hours seemed long, but she supposed it would be better than walking the whole way there, which would have been a whole day rather than four hours. But since they were in the space pod, she assumed that it’d go at a much faster speed than she’d ever do by walking. She shrugged, “No, not really... and good company tends to last longer if you decide to stick together, wouldn’t it?”

“Indeed it would... but my company tends to have other things to do.” After a bit of a pause, he added, “Like dance in festivals.”

A wry smile pulled at the corners of her full lips, “Are you referring to me?”

“Why, I would never be so coy as to refer specifically to a lady such as yourself. I simply offered up an example of what good company might do. That you match the criteria is of course a coincidence.”

She shrugged once more, “What a lovely example it is then.” Ai merely shook her head then before sighing, “I don’t believe in things like coincidences... You mentioned it for a reason, I’m assuming?”

A rarely genuine smile played at the right corner of Adrian’s mouth, “Well, you are rather good company, my dear Ai Lyrica. Is this festival an overly private one? I might stick around and escort you to your next job... if you didn’t mind.”

The small smile remained as she shook her head anew, “No, it’s not private from what I hear... otherwise they wouldn’t have me in the said festival. From my experiences, private festivals don’t call for such a...” her eyes momentarily flashed something dark, “flashy dancer.” She became thoughtful, her light-teal eyes back to watching Adrian, “So no, I don’t mind you sticking around... I would love to have you as my company.”

Adrian flashed a grin her way, “Very well, Ms Lyrica. I shall escort you to the dance,” he looked at the ship, “properly.”

The End

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