The steps of soldiers running to seize their escaped prisoner filled the Sergatis like the sound of a summer storm. The scent of fear permeated the air, so strong that even those with weak noses could smell it--even if they didn’t know what it was. Rinnok Farhen would have been kept heavily sedated for the entire trip had they not been rerouted a week out of their way. Rinnok had an affinity for seismic activity. On a bad day, he could open giant rips in the earth during a temper tantrum. On a good day, he could focus his energies on a wall of plexiglass, shattering it. This little skill was especially useful when trapped in a cell.
Now that he was out, though, Rinnok didn’t have much of an advantage so long as the soldiers only engaged in ranged combat. His only options were to get up close or crash the ship; and he wasn’t sure the first was truly an option as nine soldiers cornered him and more thundered on their way. A decorated soldier tried to sound authoritative and official as he shouted, “Lay on the ground with your hands and feet in the air behind you! Do not touch the floor of this ship with either hands or feet once you are down or we will shoot you,” but the order came out more high-pitched than intended.
Hands in the air, Rinnok knew he had one chance to get out of this alive and bent his knees. A dozen red dots were now trained on his head and more were close on their way. Lowering himself to the floor, Rinnok placed both palms flat on the floor and closed his eyes. In five whispers, his head was riddled with holes.

The local fauna fled in all directions as something large and metal crashed to the planet’s surface, rending a mighty, steaming fissure in the forest’s tough flesh. The Sergatis caught fire as it seemingly tore itself apart coming through the atmosphere. There would be no survivors outside of the bridge--and even the officers’ odds were against them.
Wiltaem Starning groaned and dragged himself out from under a pile of debris. Bone jutted from one leg and the other was likely broken as well; blood oozed freely from his forehead; and his left shoulder seemed to have dislocated. After a great amount of struggle and cursing everything he saw, the frigate’s captain made his way to the ship’s only undamaged exit and crawled to the ground.
His ears rang too loudly for him to discern any outside sounds. As such, he was not aware of another person’s approach until the soft, leather traveling boots stopped within feet of his face. Whether the stranger had said anything or not, he couldn’t know and he moaned softly, “Help. Please help.”

The End

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