Eons since the age of knights fell into the clouded depths of lore; ages since the Earth's nations warred; and long since humanity stole to the skies... Empress Illian Shamir seeks to destroy all signs and bloodlines of magic--all except her own.

In the beginning, there was one. It symbolized hope-an ideal. The Lord Sperrow rose like a beacon amongst the corrupt. He had a silver tongue which spoke of honor, grace and truth. He sang songs of utopia and won our ancestors' hearts.
In the beginning, there was trust. It permeated all we did. Festivals and pride were commonplace, promises of good things to come and healing to the brokenness we had become.
In the beginning, there was honor. It was a mission to strengthen others. The movement was not a war but an enlightenment. We looked out from our lit windows into the void of space and felt pity for those still trapped in the darkness.
In the beginning, there was no blood. It was hidden from us-obscured by masterful propaganda. We knew not that our beloved beacon had been all but destroyed, his body tortured and his mind twisted. He had become little more than a figurehead- a trophy for his conquerors.
In the beginning, we fought. It was hopeless-a butterfly batting its wings against a horse. Eventually, the galaxies fell. The Empire rose and our once shining beacon fell for all to see-finally awakened to what had happened to his dream.
Sperrow took flight into the void of space... an adventure only the bravest cowards would face.
At the end, all bowed before the great Empire. The empiric line was established. The people tried to act as though nothing had happened. Most did, anyway. Much else was futile. How could a broken people fight the armada which took two worlds as its own?
--Zesiro the Historian, 9816

The four galaxies have been united under the empiric line of Abscultis for two thousand years. Maron Trild, the late Emperor, passed after only 17 years of life. He suffered of a deadly disease once thought extinct after serving only three years. With no direct heirs and no well-known relations of age or inclination, Maron nearly left the Empire to anarchy.
A young dignitary with a strong reputation within the army, Illian Shamir, stepped forth from the shadows, carrying hope for many in her strong empiric bloodline. The fact that she had shown no ambition for the throne gave many a silent and deadly thrill. No one expected the girl to become the woman people fear today.
Once she had gained the trust and hearts of those she ruled, Illian quickly proved to be the worst tyrant in known history. She wielded her mind as her greatest weapon. Her exemplary military record came from how skilled and natural a strategist she was--indeed, many heralded her as one of the greatest the universe had ever known. Others whispered she was certainly the most malevolent and manipulative.
Shamir's past is as clouded as the polluted skies of the Caenum Galaxy's prison sectors... but rumours rise of her younger years that show her brute strength to be just as fearsome as her sadistic mind. Illian Shamir had been shrouded in darkness her entire life... and began practicing the torture techniques which have gained infamy well before she even enrolled in school. Many wonder at what conspiracies kept her secrets hidden for so long.
-- Unknown Historian and Wordmonger, 10973

The End

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