Enter the world of our dreams and nightmares, where vampires thirst for blood and werewolves howl every night. The only humans in this world are the Wanderers, a select group of warriors picked for one reason; they are different from everyone else...


The silence pressed on my ears as I stumbled over the ruins of my last shelter.  The blood flew in an arc as I spun away from another well-placed blow, making me stumble and falter.  The glowing eyes emerged from the darkness as my assailants readied themselves for another attack.  I flicked my wrist, causing the vine that was my only weapon to come alive from my tattoo.  The nearest creature flew at me with hunger in it's black eyes, a vampire. 

            I flicked him away almost casually, listening to the mocking laughter of these new assailants.  I met the cold eyes of their leader who had finally revealed himself to my scrutiny.  The leader of the Pure Ones.  He cocked his head in an almost bird-like way as I drew myself up to my not so considerable height.

“You are a powerful being, are you not?  You are not pure, but you are powerful.  That is very strange.”

I let out a scornful laugh of my own before lashing out at his legs.  The barbed spines on my whip became projectiles as I flicked my wrist to add the last bit to slice through his armor.  Because I was the only girl in my village with the desire to be a warrior, I had been forced to stay at the top or go home.  Going home had never even been an option.  I doubled the whip over and smashed the ground at my feet, causing the whip to sink into the ground. 

Concentrating on the move that had won me my tattoo, I forced the ground to split all around me, creating earth to manipulate.  I rose slowly from the kneeling position, bringing the largest of the rocks I had unearthed up with my hand.  I spun faster than I ever knew I could, and smashed the rock into fragments that flew into the throats of all the "soldiers".

I felt the whip slither back into tattoo form like a snake sliding up my arm as I looked at the carnage I had been forced to cause. My upbringing in the mountains had been one that taught all creatures to get along.  That upbringing had also let a half faery hybrid stay in their midst and train with their children.  

I waved my hand at the newly tilled earth, causing it to create graves for my enemies.  I tore the last of my cape into bandages for the gaping hole in my hand before setting off toward my original destination.

The tiny inn came into sight as I wandered through the pine trees, the light calling me to warmth and safety.


The End

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