just a few starter chapters to set the scene/characters before everything goes to pot.

The pillow underneath the girl's head felt hard and comfortless as she lay down on top of her bed and closed her eyes. Runner up again. Always second. Good, but never good enough. She tried to force the thoughts out of her head, but as always they remained at the furthest reaches of her mind, gnawing away at her. She opened her eyes and turned her head to look at the certificate she'd just pinned to the wall, among similar others, to remind herself of her failure: Evie Anderson - Second Place. Again.

The walls were full of the regrets of her failures: all music competitions of course - Evie couldn't be bothered with sports and the like, they were too physically taxing. She didn't need the excercise anyway; her fast metabolism took care of any extra food she ate and besides, she used her energy in her music. Her music. Ha. Not like she was any good at it. At least, not good enough. Her hands clenched into fists of rage, but she didn't know what she was angry at. She sat up and slammed her fist into the wall. It hurt, but her anger overrode the pain.

Then the doorbell rang, just in time to stop her ripping all of the certificates down. Evie gritted her teeth, then composed herself. She needed to calm down, she knew was making too much of a deal out of this. She stood up. The door needed answering after all.

The End

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