I found at an early age that I flirted so much better on the page than in real life. So...I did. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

" Hi!," she said, smiling as she moved gracefully down the hall towards the spot where I stood, leaning against the wall, " What're you doing?"
     " I'm learning to be wallpaper, " I replied, raising my head enough to meet her gaze.
     " Is there some kind of trick to it, " she asked playfully, teasing me with her seductive grin.
     " Well,  Bridgett, you don't just learn to be wallpaper overnight, " I answered with a seductive grin of my own.
     " You don't, eh?," Bridgett laughed, placing herself on the wall next to me.
     "  As a matter of fact, dear, there is quite a bit of effort involved in becoming a good wallpaper.  Not everyone is wallpaper material, " I said, turning my nose skyward in feigned arrogance.
     " So, you don't think I've got what it takes to be a good wallpaper?," she questioned, trying to sound offended between her light giggles.
      " I didn't say that, " I muttered, trailing off slightly. " I think you would make a very beautiful wallpaper, " I said, turning to look at her face.  
      " You're a silly boy, Tim, " she said, laughing as she peeled herself from her spot on the wall, " C'mon, let's go have lunch. "

The End

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