Everyone I love disappears
I'm left with heartache
Nothing more nothing less
So I built my wall
And I built it so tall
Never again will I let someone in
Then you walked into my life
And you put up a fight
Till you broke through my wall
I'm afraid, so terribly afraid
My wall is gone
You watched it crumble to the ground
There's nowhere left to hide
I'm so scared, but you take my hand
You pull me out of the dark
And showed me of a love I never knew could be true
I know I'm safe when I'm with you
But my heart still wonders if you will always be here
or will you too, leave me hanging in thin air?
I know for a fact if you leave my heart will shatter
And you can only pick up the pieces so many times
Before what's broke is broke for good
And what loves will love no more
So be careful with my heart
It is fragile as it is
I had it guarded by a wall
But you came and tore that down

Now it's safety lies with you
Please don't let me down

The End

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