Chapter 2Mature

“Ok Jem, what should I rather do? A Time Machine or a Machine to bring back life?” I said while sitting on my bed in my pajama pants.


“To bring things back to life so I could bring Grays cat back! WHY DOESN’T HE NOTICE ME!!!”


You see Gray and Ray are brothers who creepily look like L and Light from Death Note. Gray is L and Ray is Light. And Jem has always loved L so when she met Gray she instantly fell in love.


“I have noticed you I just didn’t say anything because I thought you didn’t notice me!” said Gray from my door way as him and Ray come in. He wrapped his arm around her and kissed her. 


* Blush * “tehe” said Jem


“Ok, um anyways Nicky you never said if you were going to Hanukah?!?” asked Ray.


“Oh, hmmm let me see…” I said while looking up at my poster of Aleksandar Ferdinand and his Stormwalker from Leviathan, he is my fictional boyfriend. “Um, Alek said that it’s ok so sure!”


“You are going to have to stop asking Mr. Austrian-Hungarian price over there and concentrate on me now!”  he said he is very jealous of Alek because he gets to stay in my bedroom.


“Uh, ok then.”


Bring, Bring, Bring


“Uh, yellow…”


“NICK ITS …, uh get off the phone, hey Nick is Clair and Sarah…. HEY!!!”


“Oh, hey what are you two up to?!?”


“Can we come over…CLAIR LET ME TALK!…No you yell…”


“Yes you to can come over oh and bring some of those good cookies while your at it!”




Ray looked at me “who was that?!?” 


“Oh just Clair and Sarah.”


“Oh are they coming over…”




“Uh, what now?!?” I  said while looking at the text… it said….


Hey its Clair we couldn’t get the cookies because the little Saumensch* named Sarah ate them all!!! Lets go to the movies instead * kiss kiss hug hug * Clair J


Note: Saumensch in German means “pig female” Saukerl means “pig male”


“Uh Sarah that little Arschloch* now we have to go to the movies WITH OUT any cookies, not cool man, not cool!!!”


In yet another Note: Arschloch plainly translated means “asshole”


“Don’t call Sarah a Arschloch, you know how she is!!! Any ways it could be a good movie…”


“And what is the movie?!?” he said


“Um… I really don’t know… hey I think ‘The Book Thief’ is playing we could go see that!!!”


“Ya that is a good book text Clair back and ask!!!”



            Once we got to the movies sadly with James (who by the way hated this book because it showed the “bad side of Hitler” like there was even a good side of him) we just got the last tickets for ‘The Book Thief’ and the last popcorn and the LAST seats for the movie, it just started.


“YAWN… that was a good movie”


“It hasn’t even started James.”


“I don’t like movies with filthy Jews in them” he muttered under his breath


“Excuse me filthy Jew sitting right hear” said Ray


“Oh look who it is? It’s the little losers hear, oh but what we had the idea to come hear first and now look they are hear!!!” said our greatest enemy of all time Joyce.




“Why did you have to…” I said before Joyce interrupted me.


“ What did you say to me James?!?”


“You herd me Arshloch you herd me loud and clear.”


Clare leaned over to me and whispered “Do you remember the plan 82?!?”


“Um, ya I think so, should we enforce it?!?”


“YES!!!!” Clair yelled – finally bursting out of her quiet shell. She turn around and dumped he pop all over Joyce and we joined her dumping all our pop over the rest of her friends heads.


The End

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