One Gir
One Brother
One plain to save the world

                                                 Chapter One


“Ok what am I going to do” I thought and looked over to my best friend Jem she looked over at me and smiled, I smiled back “come on I have to have some idea”


“Ok class, this is due next week and I am sure you will all have fun doing this!!!”


Bring, bring, bring


I got up


“So Nicky what are you going to do?”


“I don’t know I…”


“Nick, Nick, Nick” my brother James yelled


“Oh look it’s the new Hitler” said Jem


“Oh shut up Jem he was a great leader that just got wrongly accused that’s all”


“Ya right see ya Nick, see ya Swastika”


“Uh, ok well then what do you want James?”


“Well you see… me and my friends are starting a club and…”


“ OH NO! Not again I will never going your stupid little club ok?!?”


I left him and went home.




“AHHHHH!!!” I said while spinning around. “HOLY SHIT DON’T EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!”


“Wow com down it was just a joke” said my boyfriend Ray


“Oh sorry.”


“It’s ok, hey my parents want to invite you to Hanukah.”


“Oh ya but I don’t think my brother will like that, 


“ Oh forget that just have fun.”


“And in fun you mean?”


“Just you and me…”




“HA ya that to, I’m so happy you moved back to Germany”


He leaned down and kissed me, and wrapped his hands around my waist. I nuzzled my head into his chest and he kissed my head. You see my dad found a job in Canada so we moved there for a while then that job came to Germany were we are originally from so we moved back… ya my life is confusing.




“James go away” said Ray


“No you are the enemy and the enemy must die!” said James a he pulled out a Nerf Gun.


“James, what is that going to do?” I said


“Um… nothing” he muttered as he walked away


“So um I’ll see you Saturday?” said Ray



The End

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