Joseph Cottrell and his sister go Prom shopping. The accident definitely wasn't planned. Neither are the side effects that Seph has to deal with.

Hallie Cottrell lay dying in the street. All she’d seen was the front bumper of the car, then the gray sky, then the asphalt. It was a struggle to breath, her thoughts were muddled, pain screamed through her entire being. With the last ounce of her strength she wrestled her phone from her back pocket. The screen was cracked from the last time her brother had tossed it to her. She managed to press the home button so the screen lit up with her background but the blood on her finger stopped her from being able to unlock it with her fingerprint. She didn’t have the strength to input the code.

Tears mingled with the blood as she gazed at her background. Her own smiling face stared at her, pressed up to a guy’s face. Jace. It was their year anniversary next week. She loved him. They were going to get married. She had to get up. Her eyes then found Joseph’s head. Her twin brother hovered above her and Jace’s heads making a sour face for his photobomb.

A sob broke through her throat and her body began shaking weakly. She turned one last time to see the sky, rain beginning to fall, and silently said goodbye to life.

The End

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