Harry Chapter 5Mature

Harry was outside checking a list he had made of everything that he had packed into the car and trailer when he heard footsteps behind him, he spun around pulling his dads .44 magnum from the back of his jeans and pointed it at whoever it was that was standing behind him. It was Sam a friend of his that lived in Bredbo, a small town about three kilometres from Harry’s house. Harry had called him after he had talked with john and gotten a bit of the packing done.

Sam had brought his own assortment of rifles, shotguns and knives “Where are your parents?” he asked “Canberra.” Harry answered as he lowered his weapon and tucked it into the back of his jeans, “What about Ben?” Sam asked “Cooma.” Said Harry indifferently, turning away to keep checking his list and adding a few more items to it, “pick a weapon and chuck the rest in the back.” He said in the same neutral voice. Sam pulled out a pump action shot gun and put the rest in the back of the truck. “What about your family?” asked Harry. Sam picked up a box and heaved it into the truck “Their all in Canberra shopping I think.” Sam said he saw that Harry was looking down his dirt driveway but before he could look and see what Harry had spotted Harry asked “Were you followed here?” “No, why?” Sam looked up and saw twelve people lurching and swaying their way up the driveway towards them, they all looked very unearthly, covered in blood and one seemed to be dragging its foot behind it.

Sam and Harry began to walk towards them guns raised “Stop or I’ll shoot!” shouted Harry, they kept coming, “I mean it!” he shouted again, but they didn’t stop “Fuck this!” he shouted, and he shot one of them in the chest twice but it didn’t go down. Sam pumped his shotgun but didn’t shoot, Harry took another shot and it went straight through the head of the one he had shot before, it crumpled to the ground. “Aim for the head!” he told Sam, but Sam just stood there. Harry took another three shots, missing once and killing two others before he had to reload. “Oh for crying out loud!” he roared and he snatched Sam’s shotgun from his hands and aimed it at the figures, he blew ones head off and started to move forwards firing as he went, but after eight shots and five kills he retreated back up the driveway pulling Sam along with him back to the truck, he left Sam standing near the trailer and began rummaging through the tray for another loaded weapon. His hands closed around a rifle, he put the stock to his shoulder and took aim down the sights and with a loud bang killed another one and another, until there was only one left, he lined it up and pulled the trigger but nothing happened and it was too close for him to turn his back on it, so he lunged forwards knocking it down, he jumped back as it tried to bite his ankles and pulled a knife from his belt. He got down on one knee raised the knife high into the air and brought it down into the things skull, it grabbed one of his arms and tried to bite it but Harry had already torn out his knife and was bringing it down again. The knife impaled the person’s eye and continued to descend until it was imbedded up to its hilt, the person stopped moving and Harry allowed himself to fall backwards laying down, arms spread, panting.

He looked over at Sam who was staring at the body “Nice of you to lend a hand” Harry said huskily as he got to his feet “grab a rifle and we’ll go and sit on top of one of the silos, they shouldn’t be able to get at us there.” He grabbed some extra bullets and put the shotgun back into the truck, he looked at Sam for a second, he was wide eyed and pale “hey” Harry said softly we’ve got to get to a high place so that we can keep a look out.” Sam was quiet for a few seconds “ya, ok.” He said and he took a rifle from his bag, he looked at Harry for a few seconds and began to walk towards one of Harrys farm silos.

The End

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