Chapter 2Mature

Harry was sitting in his bedroom reading a book while listening to his radio when it changed from music to a woman’s voice “This is an emergency broadcast. All citizens are to stay indoors unless it is vital that you must leave, I repeat it is essential that everyone stay indoors for the duration of this time until it is safe to come out.” Harry looked at his radio for a few seconds and the message started to repeat itself, he got up and picked up his mobile off the ground. He turned it on and tried to ring Jayden, a close friend of his, but there was no answer. He tried again but with another of his friends Pete but there was still no answer. Finally looking at his phone, feeling lost he dialled another of his friends John although he didn’t have a mobile he was usually at home whenever he needed to ring him. He waited for a few seconds and the dial tone came on then the phone began to ring, he waited for a minute or two when someone picked up the phone “Hello?” said Harry unsure “Hey who is this?” was the response “It’s Harry.” He said recognising John’s voice “Man have you heard about the thing with the dead coming to life yet?” Harry said “Not quite, there was a radio broadcast saying that everyone should stay inside but not much else.” There was silence for a couple of seconds “John what’s happening in Cooma with this thing is it bad?” Harry heard a crash in the back ground and then the sound of glass breaking, there was a shout of outrage or pain and there was silence. “John are you there? John! John!” harry shouted into the phone there was a clatter on the other side and John was back “Harry where are your parents and brother?” Harry thought for a second “Mum and Dad are at work and Ben’s at a sleep over with some friends why?” as soon as Harry had finished John said “Do you have any guns, Rifles, shotguns, anything?” he asked in a hurried voice “Ya, why?”asked Harry “Because I think that we may need them.” He answered “Listen I’m going to go to the others houses and see if I can pick them up, if you can be ready to leave in a few hours we’ll meet at your place seeming it’s out of town and all.” Said John urgently, Harry said “Ok I’ll see what I can do, might need to pack some food if we’re out a long time.” They gave there fare wells and Harry turned off his mobile “I’ve got a lot of work to do.” He said to himself, he went outside and made his way to a small cottage across from his house. He opened the door, the inside of the cottage was full of book cases, a couch, a desk and a few long bags taking up all the wall space, Harry shuffled through some papers and pulled out a small key. He then went over to the desk and moved a couple of piles of books from under it to reveal a gun cabinet, he opened it and pulled out two rifles, both bolt action, and two shotguns, one was a one shot and the other a two shot. He opened another much smaller locker that was located in the cabinet and retrieved a couple boxes worth of ammo for each gun. He put all of it onto the couch and picked up one of the long bags, he unzipped it and inside was a red compound bow with two dozen arrows, he zipped it back up and opened the second revealing another compound bow and arrows, but this one was a forest camouflage. He loaded it all into the back tray of his dads truck and attached a trailer to it, the trailer was used to transport animals and so was large and had a fence around the edge, he looked at it for a few seconds “I’ve got a lot of work to do.” And he went over to fill up a couple of quad bikes with fuel.

The End

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