john - chapter 1Mature

fanfic of the walking dead. same world, same zombies different country. set in australia the walkers have made it across the globe in the form of the "virus" that infected the world. now it is up to this small group of teenage kids to defend their homes and search for what once could have been considered a normal life and is now impossible.

Walking down the street on a wednesday afternoon with his mates, John noticed the sky was a very dark shade of blue, a stark contrast to the normal light blue everyone was used to. Living in a country town in australia he thought it was just another farmer backburning as they often did just before summer hit.

Turning to his friends John quickly excused himself and walked off in his own direction. even though it was the wrong way to his house john continued walking, putting down kilometres of thought before him and stepping it firmly into the ground giving it sense of permanence. But only in his mind.

After half an hour of simply wandering around the town, John realised he had never entered this part of town before. Backtraking over his steps he came across something his mind had hid from him on his way there. A small tv sitting in the grass still flickering with static. Walking over to the tv he decided to take out his anger on something inanimate rather than some poor person. Kicking the tv it swerred in onto a news reporter declaring some evacuation and mass hysteria. All he could understand before the tv went dead, was something had happened in every major city - sydney, canberra, melbourne...

Running back the way he came from John made his way quickly back home to try and discover what had gone on.

Being rather large and definitely not made for anything sporty, John soon tired and had to slow down to a slow walk to catch his breath.

Once outside his house he ran inside.
Only to find his father sitting at the dinning room table eating something that looked like ham, or steak or something. switching on the tv, John discovered what exactly had happened around the country.
The dead had risen, but not just risen and gone to heaven or came to preach gods word to the people. No the dead came back with a severe hunger for living flesh.

The End

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