Confinement (part two)

Splash. Due to my superior detective skills I noticed that the water was cold.

How rude.

“If you are going to splash a guest can’t you at least warm up the water a little?” I spluttered. I was dripping, I was miffed, I was in a dark room sitting in a metal chair behind a metal table surrounded by metal walls. The only source of light in the room was the lamp on the table.

Did I miss something while I was unconscious?

Shaking my head to clear away the water was the best I could do at the moment because my hands and feet were cuffed to the chair. It was as if whoever had captured me thought I wasdangerousor something.

“Listen boy. Your life may depend on it” said the dim figure of a man.

“What is your name?” said the voice conversationally.

“Umm my mother told me not to talk to strangers.” I replied.

“WHAT IS YOUR NAME?” came the reply. It was more of a growl now… I wouldn’t have been able to understand it if the man hadn’t already asked the question.

“My name is Cole. Andyoumust be Batman.”

A face appeared in the light and when I recognized who it was I tried to lean away from it, succeeding only in tipping over my chair.

It was Hutchins.

I displayed my superior power of wit by replying,


“Me.” Hutchins confirmed. “But who is Me? Consider your answer carefully. It could determine the length of your future.”

Swallowing hard, I did the reasonable thing and considered my answer. What can I say? His argument was… persuasive.

“You are… Hutchins?”

A small sigh of satisfaction sounded from Hutchins. Footsteps sounded and his feet appeared next to my head. A small grunt of effort, and then I felt the chair, and myself, being lifted back to an upright position. I began bracing myself for the next chunk of intense conversation.

Five minutes later I was still bracing.

That’s when it became obvious that Hutchins was no longer in the room.

The End

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