Another dream. I didn’t want one. I didn’t want to learn more about this Drexlin or Hutchins.

My mind brought me a dream anyways. It doesn’t really care what I want.

“Matt?” A pause.


The body sat bolt upright“Huh? What is it?!?” We were in a room. A cozy kind of room. It… it reminded me of Lacie’s room. There was a woman seated on the bed across from me she was smiling. She let out a laugh.

“Matt you did itagain!”

The body stretched, ridding itself of the fatigue that had built up inside. “I’m sorry Anya… I’ve been… preoccupied.”

“As if I can’t tell?” she said. “What’s going on in that head of yours?”

“What isn’t?” the body said with a sigh. The voice was that of Drexlin…MattDrexlin.

“I might be able to help if you told me what youdofor a living… I mean… I guess I don’t care as long as we are provided for bu-“

“Anya listen… I can’t tell you because I’m trying to protect you.”

“Ok. So what are you a spy? Because I’ve only heard that “I’m trying to protect you” in every single spy film I’ve ever seen.”

“All of two movies?”

“I’ve seen more than two movies thank you very much!”

The more I looked at Anya the more I started to feel like she was familiar… in more than one way. It was as if Iknewher, but it was also as if I knew someonelikeher.I turned my focus back to the conversation for a moment then dismissed the current topic. They were talking about getting married. I didn’t feel invited to follow along.


A door. Weird. There looked like there was only one door in this room and it hadn’t moved. The door also sounded… heavy, creaky, metallic not wooden, and… far away.

“You know Matt we sh-“

“Kid wake UP!!!”

The dream disappeared and I opened my eyes to see a pail of water.

Scratch that. An empty pail of water.

It contents were currently on a collision course with my face.

The End

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