Living (Part the last)

I sat up, panic setting in. What if she had been captured? Was she hurt? Was she… dead? I leapt to my feet, and instantly regretted it, my body was in shape to go anywhere in a hurry. Footsteps sounded down the hall and I dove for the first place that offered cover:

The bed.

There was a swag, a curtain type thing hang from the bed frame, which was low enough to hide anything underneath the bed from view. The footsteps entered the room and stopped. I was surprised that my pounding heart didn’t give me away right off the bat.



She gave a little shriek as I rolled out from under the bed then covered it with an anxious smile.

“Cole! What were you doing down there?”

“I thought you were… him.”

“Because I look very masculine I suppose.”

I laughed. “No its not that. You are very feminine.”

She rose her eyebrows with a smirk, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

I gave up with a sigh of exasperation and readjusted to a cross-legged sitting position. Lacie came over to sit next to me and as she did a bad feeling started knocking on the door to my brain. Although she was smiling, Lacie was trembling as well. I hadn’t scared herthatmuch had I?

“Lacie… are you ok?”

Her smile faltered for a moment but she nodded. My brain went into red-alert mode. She was hiding something.

“Lacie. What happened. Are you ok? What did Hutchins say?”

Lacie looked me in the eye for a bare second then said,

“I’m sorry Cole.”

I tried to roll away, but my legs were stuck from being cross-legged. Something pricked my thigh and I looked back at my leg to see a syringe sticking out of it. Pulling it out, I stood and tried to run, but my leg buckled and my vision started to darken once again.

Lacie crawled over beside me and I would have hit her if I could have lifted my arms.

“Why?” I snarled at her. She didn’t say anything for a moment then leaned down to kiss my face. If I could have turned and bit her I probably would have.

“Because I care for you.” She said.

“Care? CARE? THIS IS HOw yo-?”

 My mouth stopped working, and my vision was completely obscured. A tear rolled down my cheek.

 And that was that.

The End

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