Living (The part after part one)

Why? I thought. Why do I seem to be the interest of strange men all of a sudden?

I sped up my pace. Not by a lot, but enough that I was starting to pull away from my pursuer. This one was different from the plain man. His features were unremarkable, but there was something about him. He had a defined look of authority about him. That wasn’t the most troubling thing however…

He looked familiar.

I started to get queasy and light headed. These symptoms had occurred once before in a shoe store a couple weeks past. That could only mean one thing:

I was going to have another vision thingy. Which meant several more things:

One: I was going to collapse soon

Two: I had to get inside and away from the guy who was following me.

Speeding up to a jog was not fun, but I was managing to pull away. The adult shoes were in my backpack, but something advised against putting them on. I remembered with a sinking feeling that I had left Roger’s shoes at home… what was I going to do?

I had to get this guy off my back. That’s what I had to do. The question was how? I wasn’t thinking clearly anymore, I was just stumbling along trying to hold my head together. My mind recognized the street that I was on… I had been here before. In the past few weeks, if I had learned ONE thing, it was to trust my instincts, especially when my head was out of order.

Whatever it was that was guiding my internal navigation system, told to turn right. Rough asphalt turned smooth, as I found myself running down a driveway.

What was I doing?

I scrambled up the porch and knocked on the door. As the door opened and a sing-song voice sounded from within, I realized where I was:

This was Lacie’s house. “Cole?Cole!What’s wrong? Are you ok?”

“I-I… being foll-followed… head is hurting… may…ca-can I come in?”

“Of course! Here, hurry! Who is following you?”

“Not sure… man... never seen in my… life. I’m gonna pass out… where is yo-your room?”

Lacie was dragging me more than I was actually using my feet. She opened a door and let me in. I looked around, and the thought nice place swam through my head. My vision began to go white and I tried to get out one more sentence,


Then I lost control.

The End

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