Living (part one)

My first paycheck came today. It wasn’t incredibly big seeing as I just started and I made most of my money in tips. Small though it may be it was enough to buy the essentials: A pair of shoes that would shift me into an adult, food, and a small apartment. It had one bathroom, one bedroom, and a living room.

It was perfect.

Things between Lacie and I had changed a little too. Phase one of my plan was complete. I had been working every spare moment that I could in order to make enough money to sustain myself. I took more customers than was suggested, worked more hours than I should have, but walked away with the money that I needed. I got to keep all of my tips and walked away with a good bit of money at the end of each day. I ate little and banked the money I didn’t use. I could take things a little easier now but I still didn’t want to get to close. The encounter with the mysterious man worried me. Why would someone be after me? Was it a cop who recognized me as an orphan escapee?  

Whatever the case I was still on the lookout and kept a pair of shoes in my backpack just in case I needed to make a quick change. I walked into work this morning and struck a conversation with Forrest and Randy two of the Sou-Chefs.

“Hey Forrest, Randy.”

“What’s shakin’ Cole.” Randy greeted. Forrest nodded and asked,

“Hey Cole… did you catch the Dolphins versus the Bills game yesterday?”

I shook my head. I didn’t have a T.V. yet. I was saving up though.

“The Bills gotpoundedby the Dolphins.”

“Well you know what Forrest? Shut up.” Randy glanced at the clock and he started to head to the kitchen. “Come on Firrest” Randy taunted, mispronouncing his name on purpose, “It’s two of!”

Forrest laughed and responded,

“Two of what?”

“Two of my-“

I missed the last part of the exchange as they walked away. I put on an apron and got ready to work. Lacie wasn’t there today because it was her off-day. We had gone on a few more walks and I was getting used to her. I wasn’t actively avoiding her as much as I used to, but don’t mistake this whole thing for something that its not. I’m putting up with it as best as I can.

Work came and went and I walked home with a good wad of cash. The night was fresh, the stars were out, and the moon was shining.

It would have been a perfect night had it not been for the man who had been tailing me for about two blocks.

The End

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