"Sir. His signal has disappeared again. Our point man claims to have found the person that the signal was representing but states that he looked nothing like Drexlin. He appeared to be a 16 or 17 year old boy who ran away from him during a chase."

Hutchins sighed and slammed a palm against his desk.

"We have GOT to get our agent back people! There is no room for stupid mistakes! Who initiated the chase ensign? Was it our man or the boy?"A quick conversation over the radio ensued and the man on duty answered,

"The boy sir."

Hutchins sat at his desk and began to question himself.

Would Drexlin run from his own people?


Then how the hell did a teenage boy get a hold of Drexlin's signal? Those signals were implanted in an agent's skin. There was no way any old boy could possess it.

"Tell our point man to trace the signal when it returns and to follow it. I'm going down there myself. If it's Drexlin I'm sure he'll remember me. If it's not, I'll be able to tell. Then I'll kill the imposter. It's possible that he mistook our point man for an enemy... Chapman you are in charge of things here until I return"

"Yes Sir."

I'm coming Drexlin. Hutchins thought. You'll either welcome me with open arms or you'll find mine wrapped around your neck.

The End

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